AHL LOST Fantasy League: Week 6 Results

10 03 2008

Hey everyone, scoring for Week 6 is in! Let’s take a look at how each character did this past week before moving along to the player scoring.

Character Scoring Recap

As expected, the character with the flashback dominated the scoring for the sixth straight week, with Juliet coming in with a healthy 140 points. Not the kind of domination we’ve seen from Hurley or Desmond earlier this season, but a good total nonetheless. Coming second (and a distant second, I might add), is Jack with 55 points. He was lucky enough to follow Juliet to the whispers, and his decision to kiss Juliet at the end of the episode didn’t hurt either. Finally, in 3rd place this week is the creepy Ben. His antics both in “real time” and in the flashbacks gave him a decent showing with 50 points.

Player Scoring Recap
This week, we had a tie of our top scorers, with both Lisa Mitchell and Mike Packard adding 175 points to their year-to-date sum. Congrats to both of you! Here’s how the scoring looked overall for Week 6.
Week 6 Results
Year-to-date Standings
So…how much did Week 6 impact the standings for the year? Let’s take a look:

Congrats to Lisa for making a strong push up the standings! With 7 episodes to go this season, we haven’t even reached the halfway point yet! It’s still anyone’s game!
Good luck to all of you in Week 7–especially those of you with Sun or Jin…



One response

11 03 2008


I love the blog page! Looks great!

Huge jump for me in the standings this week. With only being the half way point, I hope my players hold strong!

I liked the last episode. First time I actully began to think Juliet maybe one Jack really could trust.

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