LOST vs. X-Files and other TV shows

11 03 2008

Alright, so Entertainment Weekly has a very interesting article up this week, comparing pop culture icons to each other. One of them has LOST up against the X-Files. You can check it out here:
So here’s my thing–I never watched a single episode of the X-Files all the way through. It came out during a very busy time in my life, and I just never made time to watch it. I’ve also never picked up the DVDs. So, I’m not the best qualified to compare the two, even with my obvious LOST bias.

But it got me to thinking–is there any show out there that anyone would put up against LOST and expect to win? Personally, only one of JJ Abrams’ other creations–Alias–even comes close for me. It had multi-season story arcs, dynamic characters, and some great acting (at least during the beginning). Of course, that show died a slow, horribly painful death starting at about halfway through the second season. So what it’s lacked is the ability to sustain its greatness for multiple season like LOST has.

But I know people that like 24, Battlestar Galactica, the various Star Trek incarnations, and Heroes. Do any of those compare? How about something else that I’m missing?

Is LOST the best show on TV today? Is LOST the best show on TV *ever*? Give me your suggestions and your arguments, I’d love to hear them.

But make them good, because in order to match all of the things LOST has going for it: dynamic characters, a story arc that spans multiple seasons, incredible acting by its main cast, the threat of any character being killed off at any time, and underlying layers of mystery that are solved slowly over the course of the show…the competition will need to be really, really good.

I look forward to reading the discussion!




One response

11 03 2008

Have any of you seen the TV show “Nowhere Man”? Very entertaining show that contained an overarcing mystery about how someone’s identity could be erased, and what he would do to get it back. It never got renewed for a second season, but it was clever for its time. It probably never would have sustained its momentum over multiple seasons, but it was a fun ride while it lasted. You can check out the details here:
It’s out on DVD now, but if you choose to watch it, don’t expect everything to be answered in the finale. It got cancelled before it could answer all of the questions.

Anyway, I bring it up because at times, it rivaled LOST’s story-telling, acting (at least with Bruce Greenwood), and multi-episode mysteries and stories.

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