Spoiler Alert!

12 03 2008

Ah yes…as the week progresses to Thursday, more and more sites and publications release their scoop on the upcoming episode.

While I’m not the type to drop nasty, ruin-the-episode-for-you type spoilers here, if you’re the type that doesn’t want to know *anything* about the upcoming episode(s), you should stop now.
Today, in fact, is a special day, as not only do we get 3 updates in Michael Ausiello’s TV Guide report (http://www.tvguide.com/ask-ausiello), but we also have a special podcast released by Team Darlton over at abc.com (http://abc.go.com/primetime/lost/index?pn=podcast#t=3421).
Ausiello confirms a couple of things for us:

1. Nestor Carbonell will reprise his role as Richard Alpert on a post-strike episode this season.
2. Someone’s going to bite the bullet in tomorrow’s ep (although he gives us the tease, “When is a death not a death, but a mystery all its own?”
3. We’re going to find out all of the members of the Oceanic 6 tomorrow.
Personally, I *love* the idea of Richard Alpert returning! I was worried that we might never see his character again. I can only hope that he might have a larger role in Season 5.
Someone’s going to die tomorrow? Isn’t tomorrow a Jin & Sun flashforward? Didn’t Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) get arrested for DUI in October, just like Ana Lucia, Libby, and Eko before him? (OK, Eko wasn’t a DUI, but you get the picture.) I honestly don’t know what’s going on tomorrow, but if I had to venture a guess…

The part about the Oceanic 6 intrigues me the most. The thought is that Jin & Sun would be the last 2 Oceanic 6 members to join Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid. But would that be too obvious? Hmm

And oh yeah, about that podcast–nothing too spoilerific there, but I like that they’re going to have Smokey around again this season. I also loved the way that they only have him show up if they’re going to give us bits that further explain his mythology. Cool! These guys really have things buttoned up and planned out. I swear, if they’re as brilliant as they sound, people are going to look back on this show and wonder in amazement about their patience and plan with this show.
That’s all for today! Back tomorrow with the LOST Challenge of the Week!



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