LOST Recap: Season 4, Episode 7: "Ji Yeon"

14 03 2008

In Episode Observations

“Ji Yeon”
Thankfully, another easy title to decipher this week. Nice name for a baby Jin. Good job.
Freighter Madness

Alright, is this boat in complete chaos, or what? First, Minkowski’s on a ferris wheel time trip before kicking the bucket from a brain aneurysm, now Regina’s reading books upside down and jumping into the ocean with her new chain-link fashion accessory. I thought you had to go to the island and come back to be ready for the loony bin. What the heck is really up with this crew?
Expose’, Season 4?

Razzle dazzle! It appears as though the writers aren’t ready for us to say goodbye to Nikki and Paulo just yet. Are we supposed to make the analogy of Billy Dee Williams as the Cobra to Michael as Ben’s man on the boat? Or is there more to come? Either way, it was a funny little gesture to see the foreign version of Expose, even if it was only for half a second.
Flashworward or Flashback?
Oh, those clever writers. Just when you think the only question you should be asking is, “Is this a flashforward or a flashback?”, they throw us a curveball–a flashforward *and* a flashback! Quite brilliant. The best part is that they gave us clues along the way–Jin & Sun were never in the same scene, or even talking to each other over the phone; Jin had a terrible temper when he missed his cab, just like in his previous pre-island scenes; and the toy store owner mentions the Year of the Dragon (which would be either 2000 or 2012)–but I fell for it until the final scene. More detail on that shocker of an ending later.
Sun’s the fifth member of the Oceanic 6
So that was pretty straightforward. But the sixth member isn’t so clear. Is it Jin, but something happened after he came back? Is it Ben? Is it Aaron? When the writers claimed that we’d unequivocally know all six members at the end of this episode, I thought it would be pretty obvious. But I guess we’re just supposed to assume it’s Jin, right? Right?
Lapidus heads back to the island
And it appears as though he takes Keamy with him. No clue what their mission is, but it’s clearly clandestine in nature. The question is, are they trying to keep it a secret from Sayid & Desmond, or from someone else? On the freighter, nothing is a given
Captain Gault gives up the ghost
Well, the one thing both Ben and the captain agree on is that the boat is Charles Widmore’s. But the insinuation from his dialogue with Sayid & Desmond indicates that he believes that *Ben* is the one that set up the wreckage in the ocean, including the black box and all of the dead bodies. It makes sense conceptually, even if it’s hard to explain logistically. Ben clearly doesn’t want anyone to find the island, and he would go to any lengths to put others off the scent. But if Captain Gault and Miles are right–that Ben has nearly limitless amounts of money, where did it come from? And the bodies…what about those? All of the Dharma corpses have rotted horribly, so you wouldn’t think they could be used. Perhaps the more important question is this–who do you trust? Michael clearly slipped Sayid & Desmond a note that instructed them not to trust the captain. But he’s working for Ben, and Ben hasn’t exactly been the most trustworthy sort. Again, there are 2 distinct camps being formed, and my guess is that even if we determine who’s lying and who’s telling the truth, we still won’t know exactly who the “good guys” are (assuming one side or the other really is “good”).
Meet Kevin Johnson

Hey everyone, Michael is Ben’s man on the boat! LOST’s worst-kept secret is finallly out! OK, nearly everyone had this figured out, so the cool “wow” factor may have been lost. But I’ll tell you what–I’m excited that Michael’s back. I know alot of people despise his character for his actions back in Season 2, but the stunning turn of his character was fascinating and completely unexpected…while simultaneously being very believable. I look forward to seeing how the character will continue to evolve, and whether or not he can achieve any redemption–which he must desperately crave.
“You will never lose me”

Alright, so as the episode ends, we’re led to believe that Jin is dead. We’ve even got a tombstone to prove it. And beyond that, Daniel Dae Kim got arrested for DUI back in October. If nothing else, that certainly seals it, right? I’ll tell you this much–I wouldn’t put it past the writers to work with the local authorities in Hawaii to stage Daniel’s arrest just to give us the head fake of all head fakes. And just to keep the speculation within the episode itself, it’s very clear that Jin’s future tombstone is marked 9/22/2004–the date of the original Flight 815 crash. Critical analysis leads you to 2 conclusions: 1) Jin can’t possibly be the sixth member of the Oceanic 6, or his tombstone would have shown a later date, and 2) his whole death is likey a ruse…and he’s waiting back on the island for Sun to return.
Post episode questions
Who the heck is the sixth member of the Oceanic 6?
Seriously, I’m not at all buying that it’s Jin unless the writers come out and tell me so. And Aaron doesn’t make sense either, since Kate didn’t want to reveal that she had him in the courtroom. The only other character we’ve seen in the future is Ben. Could it really be him? That would be quite a twist. And if not, then who? I look forward to seeing what “confirmation” the writers give us.
Is Jin really dead?

Yeah, about as much as Claire is. Unless you see it on screen, don’t believe it! (And even then, question it.) All signs point to Jin being back on the island. Remember, although Sun said she missed him, and wished he could have been there to see his daughter born, she never refers to him as being dead. He certainly could be, but I’d bet against it.
What are the true agendas of both Ben and Charles Widmore?
There’s a major power struggle going on here, and nobody’s telling the complete truth. Trouble is, I think the answers to this question will lead us to LOST’s endgame, so we probably won’t know them anytime soon. But they’re great to have in the back of your mind as future episodes unfold.



2 responses

14 03 2008

Let me be the first to say it: I don’t think Michael is Ben’s “man on the boat!” Ok i’m probably not the first. But I’m not falling for it! This could be one of the best twists of the series. My theory is that LOCKE is it! I’ll explain later. Time travel. Good device. Like sentence fragments.

What if Keanu Reeves made a guest appearance on the show? I can see it now…

Ted: Rufus, where are we, dude?
Rufus: These are the Circuits of History, gentlemen. They’ll take us to any point in time we wish.
Bill: How?
Rufus: Modern technology, William.
Both: Whoa.

14 03 2008

Interesting thought Doc Marv. Not sure I buy it, but it’s better than the theory going around that “Kevin Johnson” is actually a grown-up Walt.

I also wanted to drop in and comment on something I’m seeing today. A ton of people are “confirming” that Aaron is the final member of the Oceanic 6. But I listened to a podcast following “Eggtown”, where the writers confirmed the following 4 members: Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid. If they only wanted us to speculate on a sixth and final member in “Ji Yeon”, then why didn’t they confirm Aaron as a member at that time?

Honestly, they could still confirm that Aaron is a member of the Oceanic 6, but hearing it from other “sources” just doesn’t do it for me. I think they purposely want to make us think about it more, as they usually do. Until I see something from them that confirms it, I think some more “reputable” sites are practicing some irresponsible journalism…

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