LOST Fantasy League Results: Week 7

17 03 2008

Hey everyone!

The weekend has passed, and the scoring for Week 7 is complete! However, before we get to the scoring recap, let me provide one quick ruling for this week’s episode. In this past episode, we see Sun & Hurley visit Jin’s gravesite, clearly indicating that Jin appears dead in the future where the 815ers return to civilization.
However, we all know about LOST and their propensity for twists and turns. Heck, we saw Naomi stabbed in the back to start off the season, have several people declare her dead, only to see her momentarily survive the wound. So, although I’m sure that all of the people with Jin will hate me for it, I’m declaring Jin “not dead” for the purposes of the game. In fact, from here forward, unless we see it on the screen (OK, maybe not actually *see* it, but that it happens during screen time), it doesn’t count. This is specific to scoring points from death, and not for any other category (at least not at this time). I hope you all understand the ruling.
Alright, with that out of the way, let’s look at how the scoring turned out this past week.
Character Scoring Recap
Again, for the 8th straight week, those with the flashbacks/flashforwards led the scoring (as it probably should be). Sun came in with a very decent 155 points (thanks to all of those mentions of her baby), while Jin scored a modest 75 points for the episode. Sayid & Desmond tied for third this week, mostly due to their encounter with Captain Gault and the Oceanic 815 Flight recorder.
Player Scoring Recap
This week, our top scorer had over 100 points more than the second-place finisher. Congrats to Julie Merritt, with 240 points this week! That catapults her all the way from 21st to 10th in the overall standings! Let’s look at how everyone did this week.


Year-to-date Standings
So…how do the year-to-date standings look after Week 7? Click on the thumbnail below for a look:
Current Standings
With only 6 weeks left in the game, those of you in the bottom 5 or so might have a legitimate reason to be worried. Here’s hoping you have Michael, or perhaps the character that is rumored to die this week. In any event, enjoy the show this week–it’s the last one we have until April 24th!



2 responses

18 03 2008

Oh my! Julie fell for the whole Jin is dead!!! There is no way that he is dead…I mean hello?? why the heck would Jack want to get back to the Island so bad??? They obviously had no choice but to leave certain people there, or were forced from the island…we will certainly find out more later but I think that they are all…well maybe not all but most are probably still alive back on the island! Good posts Paul!

23 03 2008

Oh my goodness I have sooo much to say, which proves the point that I am truly as much (or at least up there on the top tiers with Paul) as a Lost junkie as my brother (something that I am actually quite proud of, mind you). But so that people can follow I’ll break it up into sections..

Not the way I would do it, but… (my response)

Tommy said the same exact thing as you, that it’d be a pretty dang painful way to try and find those metaphorical bright lights! But I pointed out the idea that a car crash could be a cover in that the person driving didn’t really mean to kill themselves and gives them an out of killing themselves “unintentionally”… Except this notion is shot to hell when you pin a note to your chest and you crash into a crate on some sort of dock, where cars normally aren’t seen driving… so yeah, I completely agree with you.

Time Paradox or head fake? (my response)

I completely am pulling for the time paradox here. You know my theory on a twin Bermuda triangle happening, and Dan’s delay in receiving his little package completely coincide with a time paradox. I think the writers of the show like giving little subtle hints here and there, and the Christmas tree definitely seems to fall into the same category.

Fate vs. Free Will (my response)

I think you bring up a BRILLIANT point here, one admittedly I have actually not given much thought to before. But the only thing I’m coming to ponder after reading your observations is what about all those who have died on the island? Charlie, Rousseau, Karl, and all the others… The only person on the island who has actually has been in the position to die and hasn’t, was Locke when Ben shot him.

And just so you know, coming to think about the “fate” aspect of this show vs. freewill, I’m not less invested in Jack at all, that’s for dang sure!!! 🙂 But, I do see your point…

Widmore’s man accuses Ben of staging the wreckage, Ben’s man accuses Widmore of the same (my response)

Ok, this is the section I’m really excited to talk to you about. I think there is definitely a third truth to this question, but I would most definitely like to point out one thing you might have forgotten. I believe in the first season (either that or the second one) when food was delivered to the island that Kate, Jack, and Sawyer somehow managed to stumble across there was a pregnancy test within the items. Sun uses this pregnancy test, and in fact you pointed this out to me if I do recall correctly, and upon a close-up shot provided by those dang tricky (and at times, annoying) writers a name appears on the box: Widmore… Doesn’t this point to the idea that Widmore has know about the island’s location all along? If that was the case, why would Ben be trying to throw off Widmore in locating the island?
Plus the fact that I think Ben seriously may be the devil incarnate (he’s always got some sort of magical manipulation planned 5 steps in advance before everyone else can even dream of catching on!) leads me to believe that Ben really is the “bad guy” here…

Who’s shooting at Karl, Rousseau, and Alex? (my response)

It’s the others that magically seemed to disappear! Remember that guy, I think he’s from the Practice, that gave Locke the little file on Sawyer (so that he could get Sawyer to kill his father)?? That guy and all the other people that Ben used to lead, those are the people who shot at Karl and Rousseau. At least, that’s my theory, because where the hell else did those people just joyfully skip off to?? That has definitely been an aggravating question on my mind, where they went, and I think it was just answered. Thank goodness one of my questions is finally answered!

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