LOST Fantasy League Results: Week 8

24 03 2008

Hey everyone!

The scoring for Week 8 is complete!
Again, before we get to the scoring recap, let me provide one quick ruling for this week’s episode.
At the end of the episode we see 2 people getting shot–both Karl & Rousseau.  However, only Karl’s death is confirmed by Rousseau.  Rousseau appears to be shot, but no blood is shown.  So for now, only Alex gets death points.  If it’s later revealed that Rousseau is also dead, we’ll certainly award those points to her as well.
Alright, with that out of the way, let’s look at how the scoring turned out this past week.
Character Scoring Recap
Again, for the 8th straight week, those with the flashbacks/flashforwards led the scoring.
Michael scored a decent 130 points (although that’s a bit small relative to some of the other scoring we’ve seen this season).  Karl’s death at the end of the episode helped him to score 105 for the episode overall and finish 2nd this week.  Amazingly, there was an 8-way tie for 3rd this week between Ben, Walt, Libby, Alex, Aaron, Naomi, Miles, and Frank–most of which got their points by appearing in Michael’s flashback.
Player Scoring Recap
Once again this week, our top scorer had over 100 points more than the second-place finisher. Congrats to Bill Martella, with a whopping 275 points this week! That catapults him all the way from 8th to 2nd in the overall standings! Let’s look at how everyone did this week.
Year-to-date Standings
So…how do the year-to-date standings look after Week 8? Click on the thumbnail below for a look:


If you’re not in the Top 15 right now, I’d probably be a little worried…
That’s gonna do it for the fantasy league for a few weeks…we’ll see if any of you can make a strong run to the top when LOST returns on April 24th!



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