Mini-hiatus Week 2

4 04 2008

Another slow LOST week this week…probably even slower than last week.  No episode, and no podcast this week either.  April 24th can’t get here fast enough!  Around the web, we did get a couple of interesting articles though.  First, our friend Michael Ausiello at gives us a couple of minor spoilers, including a season finale kiss that Carlton Cuse describes as “…one of my favorite moments of the series so far.”  There’s a also a quick bit about Claire.  You can check it out here:

A slightly meatier article popped up on Thursday over at Entertainment Weekly’s site.  LOST freak Doc Jensen chimes in with some grades for the season, and a very interesting theory regarding the season finale.  To be honest, I think his theory is brilliant, and it makes me wish I had thought of it first.  And if it happens like he describes, it could certainly be “The Frozen Donkey Wheel” scene, even if he doesn’t mention it at all.  You can check it out here:,,20188031,00.html

As for me, I don’t have a ton to share from my own brain this week.  I already did my best with “The Frozen Donkey Wheel”, and without any new episodes, I don’t have much to analyze.  I am however, beginning a re-watch of all episodes of LOST at work next week, starting with Season 1, Episode 1, to try to get some new folks into the fold.  During the viewings, I’ll take notes and share mini-recaps, so that we can see how/if previous episodes tie in with new material.  It should be interesting.

Have a great weekend!




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