Another hour of LOST this season?

10 04 2008

Hey there everyone, just a quick note to mention this afternoon.  The big LOST news around the net this week is the rumor that we may get 14 full hours of LOST this season instead of the 13 we thought we’d be stuck with following the writer’s strike.  In case you were unaware of LOST’s upcoming slate of episodes, here it is:

4/24: Episode 9

5/1:  Episode 10

5/8: Episode 11

5/15: Episode 12

5/22: Episdoe 13 (Season finale)

Each of the above shows were slated to be an hour each.  But now comes word that Team Darlton has pitched to the head honchos over at ABC the idea of squeezing in an extra hour.  Our friend Michael Ausiello over at TV Guide first broke the news here:

And then Kristin over at E! Online followed up with this bit of news, making it seem even more likely that we will indeed get the extra hour:

The thing they both seem to be unsure of is where the extra hour might air.  I’ve heard rumors of an “Other 48 Days” type of story detailing the freighter crew’s background a bit more in-depth.  But the prevailing opinion (as well as logical thought) leads one to believe that it’s likely that Team Darlton is not fond of compressing their finale into a single hour, and are trying to tell a better story with the extra hour.  The timing would make sense as well, as it seems that spoilers around the net indicate that episodes 9 through 12 have been written, titled, and mostly shot, and that only the finale remains.

I guess we’ll know soon enough, but it’s nice to get a little news surrounding the show during the downtime.  The good news is that the show is back in 2 weeks!




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