Episode Re-Watch: Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2: “Pilot”

11 04 2008

Believe it or not, there’s someone out there who hasn’t seen LOST yet.  (Your humble author didn’t start watching until after the start of Season 2!)  And with every person who hasn’t seen LOST, there’s a chance to share in the magic that this show has to offer.

Just this week at the office, we decided to watch 2 episodes a week of LOST during lunch, in order to get the LOST newbies all caught up by the time Season 5 starts in early 2009.  Of course, with every viewing of LOST, there’s a chance to take a look back and remember what it was to watch the shows for the first time, and to try to catch any clues that you may have missed the first time (or 3) through.

So…every week I’ll be recapping a couple of shows for you, reminding you of what you missed, and (after Season 4 ends) getting you excited for the next batch of episodes.  Let’s start from the beginning…



Even as early as Season 1, Episode 1, the writers were having fun with double meanings in their titles.  Obviously, this refers to the launching of a new television show, but it also can be a reference to one of the first deaths on LOST: the pilot of Flight 815.  In fact, could his death at the hands of the smoke monster give away any hints as to the monster’s behavior?  When the true nature of the monster is revealed, it’ll be fun to look back on this episode and see if everything falls into place.


It’s really hard to tell in the scene, but it certainly looks like the guy that Jack pulls out from under the airplane shrapnel in this episode is Arzt.  You never clearly see his face though, so it’s hard to tell for sure.

Manic 5 minutes

One of the most exciting parts of the episode…maybe even of the season, and possibly even the whole series prior to “Through The Looking Glass”…was the first 5 minutes of Jack running around trying to help all of the injured.  Great editing, great acting by Matthew Fox…just an excellent sequence to kick off the show.  If you haven’t seen the pilot in awhile, it’s worth watching the episode again just for that opening.

Is that Sawyer?

If there were a vote for “most changed since Season 1”, Sawyer would win it hands-down, just from his look.  I mean, Jin’s personality has changed greatly (he starts off as quite a jerk in this episode), but Season 1 Sawyer could pass as a totally different guy than Season 4 Sawyer.  Take a look:

Season 1 Sawyer:

Season 4 Sawyer:


Hair style, facial hair, even the pigment of his skin looks different!  Could they pass as different people…maybe brothers?  Hmmm…

Well, that’s about it for the recap…nothing much in the way of secrets or hints relevant to the current batch of episodes.  I’ve heard the stories about the smoke monster appearing in Jack’s eye at the start, or it going into the plane’s engine and causing it to blow up, but I’m not buying it.  It was, however, certainly fun giving the show a second look!




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