LOST Challenge of the Week: Season 4, Episode 10: “Something Nice Back Home”

1 05 2008

Happy LOST day!

It’s definitely nice to have LOST back on a week-to-week basis.  It’s hard to think that next month, it goes away for another 7 months or so.  But the episode quality has been so good this season that I can almost live with the long hiatus to come, knowing that we’ll have this level of storytelling at the end of it.

Anyway, as I thought about putting togther the challenge of the week this week, I felt as though all I ever do is send you to TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly to discuss their articles.  But hey, I’m not an insider, and if they’ve got good stuff over there, they’ve got good stuff!

So again, I feel the need to share with you the articles over there.  Check out the second part of Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Team Darlton here: http://community.tvguide.com/blog-entry/TV-Show-Blog/Tv-Previews/Jimmy-Kimmel-Grills/800038238

It’s a really cool interview, including Team Darlton’s admission that Jimmy asks them “…one of the best questions we’ve ever been asked.”

Over at EW, we’ve got another great tease from Doc Jensen, but even better, we’ve got a him interviewing…himself!  And it’s really a great conversation, especially considering the Jimmy Kimmel interview.  If you connect the dots, things could start to become much, much more sci-fi on the show starting with the end of this season and into the next.

But before we get to all of that, let’s take a look at tonight’s episode.  In the most recent preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwyI-kwLD34 the voice-over states that “the island takes one survivor as it’s own”.  This week’s challenge is pretty simple:

Who dies in tonight’s episode, and how?

Enjoy the episode tonight!




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