Week 10 Fantasy League Update

7 05 2008

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay in getting the fantasy stats out to all of you.  I’ve been working with my friend Brad to get the stats in a sortable format on a website dedicated completely to LOST, but things haven’t materialized.  Rather that continue to have you wait until the site is done, I thought I’d continue to update you the old-fashioned way.  Hopefully the site will be done sometime this month.

Anyway, on to the scoring!  Week 10 seems to have been one of those really weak scoring weeks, with no character scoring over 120 points, and no player scoring more than 110.  It would seem to make for a boring fantasy week, but we did have a few changes in the standings.  But first, let’s look at how the player scoring shook out for Week 10:


Congrats to Lisa for winning this week!  Vy and Dianna were close behind, as the gap between scorers was small this week.  So, let’s take a quick look at the overall scoring after Week 10.


Congrats to Dede on re-taking the lead!  There are only 3 episodes (4 hours) left this season, so I’d say that if you’re not in the Top 6 by now, you’re not looking so hot.  But then again, we’re supposed to have guest-appearances galore, visits to new Dharma stations, and possibly even a death thrown in, so who knows how things will end up!  Best of luck to all of you in the final few weeks!




One response

12 05 2008
mike p

Your comments, along with the ones found here:

are some of the most insightful yet. For those of us who are barely able to keep up with each episode these are a welcome addition to the enjoyment of the show.

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