LOST Challenge of the Week: Season 4, Episode 12: “There’s No Place Like Home”

15 05 2008

Here we are, part one of the 3-part finale!  It’s an exciting time to be a LOST fan, as the absolutely brilliance of Season 4 promises to end with a crescendo.

There are a lot of different ways to go with the challenge this week, as many questions are promised to be revealed, and major events are supposed to occur.  And instead of sending you off to other sites for spoilers and/or discussion topics from other writers, I’m inclined to keep you right here this week.  I’ve got a couple of topics that I think will keep you occupied.

First, let me just say that even though I’m still getting a great deal of hits from searches on The Frozen Donkey Wheel, I’m going to save that discussion for the challenge prior to the next episode.  We know we’re not going to see it tonight, so despite the anticipation, let’s get to that later.  If you didn’t get to read my prediction back in March, or want a refresher of what I think it will be, you can go here: https://interlost.wordpress.com/2008/03/28/the-frozen-donkey-wheel-revisited/

Instead, let’s talk about 2 other things this week, both of which are key points for the finale, and both of which we may or may not be privy to tonight.  First, let’s talk about the obvious: The Oceanic 6.  All season long we’ve heard about their story in flashforwards, but we still don’t know how they got home.  The finale’s title makes it seem like we might get something off-the-wall like clicking their heels as the way that they’ll get home, but I want to hear from you!  The first part of this week’s challenge is this:

How do the Oceanic 6 actually get off the island?

Hopefully we’ll see that tonight, but my guess is taht we’ll have to wait until the 29th to know for sure.  The next item, however, would make for a great mini-cliffhanger to bridge the wait between tonight’s part 1 and the 2-hour conclusion on 5/29.  And that is, who the heck is in the coffin?  Did you forget about that from last season’s finale?  I hope not, as the writers have promised to answer that question in this year’s finale.  That haven’t exactly given us a ton of clues about it, but the answer is coming, so it’s time to make your guesses in earnest.  I have my own theory, but again, the challenge of the week is about your guess.  Again, the second question of this week’s challenge is:

Who is in the coffin from last year’s finale?

That’s it for now…I hope you all enjoy tonight’s episode!




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