LOST Recap: Season 4, Episode 12: “There’s No Place Like Home (Part 1)”

17 05 2008

OK, so how to say this the right way?  I know that the writers needed to get everything set up just right for the 2-hour final on 5/29, but…I was not thrilled with this episode.  Not so much because things didn’t happen, but probably more because the things that did happen were not overly surprising, and from where I sit, there was not a ton to decipher with respect to answering old questions or asking new ones.  That being said, let’s review what passed on the screen:

There’s No Place Like Home

Obviously, the reference to The Wizard of Oz is not even a veiled one.  But it’s also a nod to just how wonderful everything is for (most of) the survivors as they return to the mainland.  Hurley’s going back to his mansion and parents, Sun’s got her dad and a company takeover coming, Jack and Kate have each other, Sayid finally hooks up with Nadia, and Aaron has someone to look after him…even if it’s not his real mom.  Of course, the group’s happiness (real or imagined) doesn’t last for long.

“We are in shock Jack”

For six people that have spent 100 days desperately trying to get off an island, it’s amazing how thoroughly downtrodden this group is.  And it’s not a matter of being subdued, or holding back.  They are still stunned regarding the events that led up to this moment, a emotion so strong that it fully overrides the fact that they are where they’ve wanted to be since they stepped on Flight 815 all those months ago.

“Didn’t you just do the whole run through the jungle with the walkie plan?”

The argument between Sawyer and Jack early in the episode was one of the highlights of the show this week.  They know each other extremely well now, and with the stakes as high as they are now, it’s no time for pleasantries.  Interesting that Jack ends up winning out, and Sawyer tags along.

Sun takes over Paik Industries?

With the Oceanic 6 settlement?  Really?  There seems to be more going on here, but for now, we’ll roll with it.  Could this be a set-up for Sun spear-heading the return to the island in the future?  We’ll have to wait and see.  But what be an even more interesting question is, who is the other person Sun thinks is responsible for Jin’s death?

Hurley hears the whispers off-island?

Or was that just the people from his surprise party?  And what’s with him saying, “Why am I doing this?” repeatedly?  He’s clearly not comfortable being away from the island, even at an early stage.  And when he checks the odometer, the deal is sealed.  He’s still haunted by the numbers, and he’s clearly the first one that’s ready to try to get back.

Jack finds out that he’s Aaron’s uncle

Seems a bit anti-climactic, as we had a pretty good idea that future Jack already knew this info.  Part of me was hoping that Christian himself would do the big reveal, and not Claire’s mom, but the important part is that it happened.  But why does that make Jack not want to care for Aaron?  Is it guilt based upon him leaving Claire behind, or something else?  Hopefully we’ll learn more in the finale.

Got a little C4 handy?

As if it weren’t enough that Michael brought his own bomb on board, Keamy and his buddies left a mountain’s worth behind for the survivors to worry about.  Anyone still the the Oceanic 6 are going to use that freighter to get home?

Richard and the Others reappear

It wouldn’t be a finale if we didn’t see Richard return with his group of Others.  Any scene with Richard is a compelling one right now.  I love what they’ve done with character.

And away we go!

While the episode itself didn’t feel very epic to me, when it closed with Ben getting knocked out, it felt like the table had been set.  I feel like we’re ready for all of the grand events that the finale has in store for us.


Who is the other person responsible for Jin’s death?

The fact that I’m not sure that I believe Sun’s speech notwithstanding, who could she be talking about?  I guessing that this may be a question that will inger with us even after the finale.

What happens to those who are not the Oceanic 6?

We have an idea of their fate…what about everyone else?  The faces of the Oceanic 6 on the flight to Hawaii leads you to believe that it’s not good.

Who is going to bite it in the finale?

You have to believe that with all of the danger all around, that someone isn’t going to make it out alive.  Will Jin truly die before Sun heads home?  Will Claire continue to be safe with Christian at Jacob’s shack?  Is it time for Michael to redeem himself, sacrificing his life for everyone else?

I’m sure that the finale will be explosive!  It’ll be tough to wait 2 weeks for it!




2 responses

16 01 2009

“Seems a bit anti-climactic, as we had a pretty good idea that future Jack already knew this info. Part of me was hoping that Christian himself would do the big reveal, and not Claire’s mom, but the important part is that it happened. But why does that make Jack not want to care for Aaron? Is it guilt based upon him leaving Claire behind, or something else? Hopefully we’ll learn more in the finale.”

Perhaps the reason he doesn’t want to raise Aaron is because he feels guilty for convincing Kate to lie about Aaron’s parentage and raise him. Aaron was supposed to be in the custody of his grandmother . . . and not Jack or Kate. And even if the Oceanic Six didn’t know that Carole Littleton was alive, they should have taken the time to get the authorities to discover whether Aaron had any living relatives.

I find it disturbing that you saw nothing wrong with Jack and Kate raising Aaron, despite the fact that his grandmother is alive.

16 01 2009

VERY good point, and one that I, too, am surprised that I did not mention now that I view my commentary in hindsight. When I re-watched the episode, the irony of Carole’s comment about Aaron wasn’t lost on me, but Jack’s behavior didn’t seem very causal. In other words, I didn’t get the impression that Jack’s downward-spiraling behavior and willingness to turn his back on Aaron was a result of the revelation. It seemed to be a very selfish act, and didn’t register with me that he might actually be disgusted with his own behavior. (This despite the fact that he has clearly stated that he’s tired of lying.)

Regardless, thanks for pointing that out and setting me straight. I definitely missed that one, and am glad you took the time to post. Hopefully you’re not too disgusted to share your viewpoint in the future!

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