To Spoil or Not To Spoil

22 05 2008

Last year at this time, everyone was getting ready to be amazed by LOST’s “game-changing” Season 3 finale.  The episode was about to introduce a form of storytelling completely new to LOST: the flashFORWARD.  Everyone would be watching along, thinking that it was a flashback, but then BOOM, you’d find out in the last scene that it was a flashfoward, and the shock would hit you like a snake in the mailbox.  Everyone, that is, except those that had been spoiled…like me.

In order to write relevant items for this blog (and prior to that, to folks at the office), I do a bit of research around the net.  Not a ton, mind you, but enough to get some teasers of info that I can share with you and try to develop a discussion.  Last year, however, someone with info about the flashforward went into a forum I frequent, and posted the “snake in the mailbox” scene smack-dab in the middle of it, with no alerts, no warnings…no concern for any of us that would much rather see the action unfold new on the screen as opposed to reading it first.

Of course, as the Season 4 finale approaches, the same fellow has the same information to disseminate across the internet.  How the folks at ABC haven’t caught this tool and fired him is beyond me, but I guess that’s a story for another day.  Anyway, lostpedia has a little discussion going on about it (you can check it out here:, but I’d be very careful about checking it out…you never know who might post the Season 4 finale spoilers there.

In any event, since there’s no Challenge of the Week this week (since the finale is next Thursday), I thought I’d open up the discussion.  Do you like spoilers?  Do you want to be spoiled at all?  How much is too much?  Also, if you’ve been spoiled, has it detracted from your enjoyment of the show?  I’d love to hear what everyone has to say about this topic.




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