Some LOST thoughts and polls, and a quick Fringe plug

15 10 2008

Hey there everyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything, so I thought I’d jump in here with a little something before the season starts again.  Yeah, we’re still a few months off (the new season should start around the end of January), but we can’t go the whole off-season without at least talking a little bit of LOST, can we?

Anyway, I don’t have any major scoop regarding what’s coming up this season, other than the fact that my favorite secondary character, Richard Alpert, will be playing a major role in at least the first 2 episodes of the season.  That’s good news, right?  But really, I’m writing because I’d like to see if I can get feedback from all of you regarding where LOST has gone, as well as a little first look at (and comparison to) Fringe.

So here’s the thing.  Usually around this time, when the fall shows are premiering, and LOST is still months away, I get a hankering for some LOST.  The wait seems nearly interminable, and I’m usually pretty upset with ABC for scheduling LOST the way they do.  But this hiatus, not so much.  So, here’s the question: are you missing LOST?  (While I’m using WordPress’s new poll feature for a quick answer, please don’t hesitate to comment more fully below).

Never satisfied with just asking the initial question, I wondered to myself, why don’t I miss it as much?  And I think I know why.  To me, LOST has always been about explaining strange phenomena through superscience.  What I mean by that, is that LOST, in my mind, has been founded in “reality”, but explained through ideas that are just on the fringe of what is believable in today’s science as we know it.  I’ve always hoped that LOST’s endgame would be of that mindset.  To me, doing anything “fantastic”, or unexplainable via science, even if it was fringe science, would highly invalidate the initial premise of the show.  Well, things started heading in that direction with Desmond’s time travelling adventures.  But for the most part, I was accepting of that.  And I think it was mostly because his storyline was so well done.  But with the frozen donkey wheel and the moving of the island, LOST officially crossed the line to me.  And now, despite the fact that I still love the show, and have a ton of time invested in it, it has suddenly become less compelling for me.  I really wish things had played out differently…not because I’m dissatisfied with the answers in and of themselves, but more because I feel as though I was led down a path of believability that did not manifest itself.  Anyway, it’s not like I’m thoroughly disenchanted and won’t be watching the show anymore, but I wanted to see if I had company in this line of thought, or if I’m just in too deep with this show and how I had *hoped* it would turn out.

Alright, so I had one last thought.  And it’s related to the new JJ Abrams show, Fringe.  BTW, if you haven’t tuned in to Fringe yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice.  If you like LOST (and if you better, if you’re reading this), then you need to see this show.  It’s of a completely different feel and flavor, but it does 2 things really well.  One, it presents the viewer with some great “fringe” science fiction (and doesn’t hide the fact that it’s going that way).  But more satisfying for the attentive and consistent viewer like myself, it has a great over-arching plot that gets furthered every episode despite every installment being mostly self-contained.  Anyway, it might not be fair to make the comparison, both because they’re different shows and because Fringe is only 5 episodes in, but I’m asking anyway.  If you’re like me, and feel as though LOST dropped a notch with last season’s finale, and are enthralled by Fringe, maybe you’re liking Fringe better?  Please answer the poll and/or leave a comment below.

Just in case you were wondering, I’m still a bigger LOST fan than Fringe fan.  But if Fringe continues to improve every week as it has, it may not be long before I start a Fringe blog…




2 responses

16 10 2008

Good to hear from you again, Paul! I love Fringe too…but not as much as LOST (yet, anyway)

7 11 2008
Lisa Mitchell

Hey Paul!

I have to agree LOST has lost some of the appeal but still the show I am looking froward to seeing. I have watched a couple of episodes of Fringe and that show is not doing it for me. If I am switched to any it would be Hero’s! That one has my attention and I have been enjoying to twist and turns!

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