It’s back!!!!

20 01 2009

What’s that in the air I smell?  You know, the one that hits you when you walk on to the beach for the first time?  Ahhhh yes, LOST is back!  After whetting our appetite with a cool return from mini-hiatus by Fringe, we’ve now got the main course tomorrow: 2 full new hours of LOST!

It’s almost hard to believe it’s here, as these 8-month hiatuses seem just way too long for this show.  But here it is, back for the penultimate season.  There are so many things I could touch on as we move into the new season, but I think there are 5 main questions that I hope Team Darlton address.  The last of which I’ll pose as the challenge of the week, as I hope we get the answer in the very first episode.  Anyway, here they are:

1. How did Locke end up back on the mainland, with everyone calling him Jeremy Bentham, and how did he die?

2. Jacob: if we must wait until the final season to know *who* he is, can we at least find out why he needed Locke to help him?

3. What’s up with Richard Alpert and his apparent discovery of the fountain of youth?

4.I have to admit, I think the writers have let this one linger too long: what the heck is that 4-toed statue all about?

And #5, which is your LOST challenge of the week, if you choose to accept it: Where (or when) did the island get moved to?

(BTW, I’m pretty sure we won’t learn the true secret of Smokey until the final season, so I didn’t even ask about that one.)

Anyway, I’d love to hear your theories on any of the questions above, as well as anything else you’re looking forward to seeing in more detail this season.

Enjoy the episodes everyone!




One response

21 01 2009

Man I can not even come close to answering ANY of these’s been WAAAAAAAY too long, Im going to have to warm up for a couple of weeks! But you know Im excited!

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