LOST Recap: Season 5, Episode 2: “The Lie”

24 01 2009

One of the things I find amazing about LOST is its ability to re-define itself season after season.  While the writers have clearly had “themes” in mind from one season to the next, I’m not sure if they were fully aware how that would give the show such a different feel from season to season.  Every season really seems to have a completely different vibe to it, and this season, 2 episodes in, is no different.

One thing you can count on with LOST though, is that the viewer will be given multiple puzzles to unravel, and misdirection is just part of the game.  It’s that fact that leads me to believe that “The Lie” is not just a reference to the Oceanic 6’s cover-up, and Hurley’s desire to divulge what really happened.  No, I think there’s another “lie” going on in this episode, and you don’t have to dig too deep to see the signs.  But more on that as the recap goes on.

Three Years Ago


The conversation on the Searcher is very unsettling.  Here’s a group of people we’ve come to know and love, and it appears as though Hurley is the only one with any integrity.  And unfortunately, he succumbs to peer pressure and goes along with the group.  His argument that a) the island is gone and would be nearly impossible to find and b) that Widmore won’t stop looking regardless of what they say is actually very compelling.  But clearly, the group went through a bit too much to have clearer heads prevail.

“What if I were real?”


I love all of the guest appearances going on in the first 2 episodes this season.  Ana Ana-Lucia coming back through Hurley’s “hallucinations” is no exception.  Although it appears as though there’s not much from her dialogue that helps put this season’s puzzle together, her lines “You’ve got a lot of work to do” and “Libby says hi” were priceless!

Introducing Mr. Neil Frogurt


Well technically, we met him last episode, but it was cool to see a face with a name the writers dropped a ways back.  And the casting was pretty awesome as well.  Just having his character in a few scenes at all was clearly an indication of the writers throwing the more obsessive fans a bone.

“I know you from somewhere, don’t I?”

Pretty funny that the writers can actually make fun of themselves.  They’ve definitely had Hurley on the news multiple times, and it’s cool to see that they are self-aware.  Even better that they can use that multiple times in this episode for comic relief.

Ben’s got a secret stash

It’s only on the screen for a few seconds, so it’s easy to miss.  But Ben clearly has an item that he is extremely concerned about.  First, he hides it in the hotel’s vent, then he quickly moves it to his bag while Jack is in the bathroom.  I don’t have the first clue as to what it might be, but it certainly holds a high level of importance.

Previously on Expose

Gotta love all of the little winks the writers give us in this episode.  Not only do we get a quick nod to Nikki and Paulo, but Hurley’s dad also says, “why, are you on it again?”, referring to his son’s propensity to get on the news.  Classic.

Ben takes a trip to the butcher


And it’s not to buy porterhouse.  Apparently, it’s to protect John Locke’s body.  But there’s definitely more going on here than meets the eye.  I mean, would anyone really be after Locke’s dead body?  Or perhaps Ben’s really trying to protect his secret stash.  Or, maybe Locke isn’t really dead?  I guess maybe the simplest explanation is one that Ben already gave: that they need Locke’s body to join the Oceanic 6 in order for them all to get back to the island.  But there’s always more to the story when Ben is involved.  If you’re looking for a double-meaning in this episode’s title, then this scene certainly gives you a chance to speculate.

Frogurt, we hardly knew ye


Just when you get all excited about seeing Frogurt in the flesh and following his escapades, he goes and takes a flaming arrow to the chest.  Ah well, I guess it was to be expected, considering what happened with Nikki and Paulo.  What might have ben more central to the plot in this scene was Charlotte’s continuing physical ailments.  Of course, Faraday knows exactly what’s going on with her, but he’s reluctant to share…probably because he know the outcome isn’t good, and he doesn’t want to put her into a panic.

Of course, seconds later, *everyone* is in a panic, with flaming arrows flying through the air picking people off here and there.  Pretty intense scene, especially in the middle of the relative silliness of Hurley’s trip to his parent’s house.

Kate and Sun have a secret rendezvous


Sun gives her own interpretation of the lawyers arriving at Kate’s door, as well as the events on the freighter before it blew up.  “I don’t blame you”, she says, referring to the death of her husband.  Good for Kate; she’s off the hook.  Not so good for Ben, as a team-up of Sun and Charles Widmore might be difficult to overcome…

“Tell your mother the truth.”

And when he does, he gets what he’s been looking for over the past 3 years.  Despite the spectacular, convulted story, Hurley’s mother believes his story.  And thus, Hurley proves, at least to himself, that telling the truth was the right thing to do all along.  Unfortunately for him, there are still consequences to pay for making the wrong choice initially.

“If you come with me, you won’t ever have to lie again.”

Ben once again does a fantastic job of smooth-talking, this time to Hurley.  Somehow he knows exactly what to say, appealing to Hurley’s desire to stop lying and set things straight.  But he didn’t count on Hurley’s friendship with Sayid to override his own desires.  He remembers Sayid’s request to do exactly the opposite of whatever Ben asks him, and follows through.  Very ironic, in fact, when coupled with the first scene of the episode, in which Hurley states that Sayid will ask for his help, and he won’t do it.  It turns out that Hurley can’t help but to do what he thinks is right.

“What are you doing on our island?”

After being assaulted by flaming arrows, Sawyer and Juliet get accosted by people claiming the island as their own.  And just as it appears as though things would get real ugly real quick, the good old knife-wielding John Locke comes out of the jungle and saves the day.  But who are these guys?  And why do they think the island is theirs?

You’ve got 70 hours


The episode ends with yet another guest-star, Ms. Hawking, from Desmond’s past.  She provides an extra sense of urgency to Ben’s task, and sets him up with a time frame that is interestingly similar to the amount of time that Sun plans to stay in LA.  She clearly seems to have a time and a place that she thinks can provide a window for everyone to return to the island, but whether or not Ben can pull everyone together is another story.

As an aside, did anyone else get the impression that she might actually be Faraday’s mother?  I half expected for the reveal to be that she was in Oxford writing on that chalkboard, but that’s certainly not the case.  I guess it was just a head fake for all of us looking for any clues we can find…

Post-episode questions

  1. Who are the people that Sawyer and Juliet run into?  Why do they think the island is theirs?
  2. Now that Hurley is under arrest, how is Ben going to get him to the rendezvous point?
  3. What’s up with Ben’s stash?  And why does he feel as though Locke’s body needs to be guarded?

Don’t hesitate to post any comments below!




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26 01 2009

Great job! I really like your recaps and your insights are helpful in analyzing the show:) I like the format, especially your questions at the end of each one.

26 01 2009

Great job! I really like your recaps and your insights are helpful in analyzing the show:) I like the format, especially your questions at the end of each one.

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