LOST Challenge of the Week: “Jughead”

27 01 2009

Can you believe it’s time for another LOST episode again already?  Maybe it’s just because LOST has been gone for so long and I’m not used to having it around, but it seems like a real quick turnaround for a new episode.  And good thing too!  There are so many new things going on, I’m excited to see what’s around the corner.  And, with so many new things going on, what could we possibly focus on for the challenge of the week?  Well, I’ve got 2 big things I’d like to see the answers to, but I only think one of them might get answered in the next episode, “Jughead”.  So, here is your challenge of the week:

Who are the people that Sawyer and Juliet encountered last episode, and are they from the past, present, or future?

That’s it for today…enjoy the episode!




4 responses

28 01 2009

I’ll go on record as saying they’re part of a future Whidmore team. If they were in the Dharma-era, they’d (probably) be wearing Dharma uniforms and not be so hostile, and if they were post-purge-era, they would (probably) have recognized Juliet. Also, they have british accents, which indicate they’re, well, (probably) British.

28 01 2009

I am guessing the people are from the future, part of team Whidmore

29 01 2009

I’d say we were half right! (Hey I didn’t hear anyone call “no slop”!) 😀

29 01 2009

Initially I was thinking that they were the past Dharma crazies, or from the original settlers from 1954 (from the old Army outfits and the M1 rifles). What if that blonde woman (Elle) who escorted Faraday to the bomb is his mother (she did recognize him and he clearly knows who she is)? And the one soldier turns out to be a young Widmore, but the name tags do not match. I’m surprised we aren’t talking about this connection…
Also, is it obvious that they bury Jughead in one of the stations, and if so, which one (Swan or Orchid)? Does Jughead have something to do with the health problems seen on the island? (Wait- I’m starting to ask too many questions…).

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