LOST Challenge of the Week: “The Little Prince”

3 02 2009

Well here we are again, another episode tomorrow!  While this week’s title almost certainly refers to Aaron, I’m sure we can expect many surprises throughout this week’s episode.  Of course, if you enjoyed last week as much as I did, you can only hope that the show does nothing but build on its momentum.

However, while I’m really looking forward to the show, it was difficult to come up with a sufficient challenge for all of you this week.  But, I think I’ve got one, even if it might seem too simple for some of you.  Basically, I’m going to stick with the subject of the show’s title, Aaron.  So, here’s your challenge if you choose to accept it:

Who is trying to prove that Aaron is indeed not Kate’s son?

Regardless of the answer (or even if we don’t get it this week), I hope you all enjoy the show!




3 responses

4 02 2009

Duh. Whidmore.

4 02 2009

hmmm…..It’s Jacob!

4 02 2009

I’ll say Jack. He already unsuccessfully tried to convince her to go back, so by scaring her into running, the island might not seem so bad.

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