LOST Recap: Season 5, Episode 4: “The Little Prince”

6 02 2009

OK, so before I get to the recap, I once again feel compelled to throw in a little commentary on the show itself overall.  I have to admit, this episode brought me back to the same feeling I had after watching this season’s premiere: that the show was all over the place.  Without the flash-forwards or flash-backs, it just feels like we’re doing so much jumping around.  And it’s not that I can’t keep up, but I really like the idea of a bulk of plot advancement in one area as opposed to getting small chunks in many threads.  I have to admit, I’m very eager for the Oceanic 6 to get back to the island, if only so that we can (hopefully) concentrate on a more linear thread.

In any event, the episode had some fun little nuggets, so let’s get to it!

Meanwhile, back on The Searcher…


Jack and Kate put the plan in motion regarding the lie about Aaron.  And, apparently, they justify the lie based upon the fact that Claire was going to give him up for adoption.  I found it especially interesting that it was Kate, and not Jack, that came up with the idea.

“I have always been with you.”

This line is the first of many that indicates that we haven’t heard the last of the Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle.  As if waiting to hear what Sawyer asked Kate to do before jumping out of the helicopter last season wasn’t enough…

Sun’s locked and loaded

She means business, and now has what she needs to do damage.  Ben ought not let his guard down!  Honestly, with all of the misdirection that LOST usually throws at us, it’s not hard start second-guessing whether or not she’s after Ben, or if Jack might actually be her target.  But holding Ben responsible for Jin’s death makes sense, directing that anger at Jack does not.  So I guess we’ll go with our first instinct.

“It’s like really bad jet lag”

Ah, I liked my “time-motion sickness” description better!  Anyway, Faraday finally lets everyone else in on the fact that he knows what’s going on with Charlotte, but doesn’t rule out the possibility of everyone else contracting the symptoms…

“Don’t you want her to come back?”

The writers are clearly trying to tell us that although Sawyer and Kate are physically separated, the love triangle is by no means decided.  Sawyer’s still got strong felings for Kate, and if she ever returns to the island, he’s certainly not going to keep it to himself.

“Don’t worry, I won’t have to give you an injection.”

Instead, I’ll just try to shoot you with tranquilizer darts!  Sayid doesn’t waste any time getting back into 007 mode, turning the tables on his assailant and taking him out with his own tranquilizer gun.  But the question you have to ask yourself is, who knows that Sayid is even there?  Jack, Hurely, and Ben seem to be the only ones.  So who’s your money on for which one of them sent the infiltrator?

Locke avoids the hatch…


…but Sawyer sees Kate and Claire as Aaron is born.  I’m sure it’s not coincidence that we get to see this specific scene with Aaron, but I also do not see any incredible amount of significance either.  Is the island intentionally taking them to see certain events?  Could there possibly be any reasoning to that even if it were true?  The one thing that does pop out at me with this scene is my theory on what happens to the survivors if/when they run into a former version of themselves.  Remember, Faraday said it wouldn’t be possible: if it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen.  But what if *something* happened?  For example, what if they didn’t actually see or hear themselves, but did hear *something*?  Maybe, just maybe, they’re not able to make out their words, but instead hear indiscriminate whispers.  Yeah, I know its’s far-fetched, but that’s my theory: the Whispers are the survivors’ future selves trying (unsuccessfully) to communicate with them.  I’d love to hear some feedback on this one.

“I needed that pain to get to where I am now.”

Locke continues to show signs that he’s grown immensely during his time on the island.  He’s still single-minded in his sense of purpose, but he really does seem to understand where he’s come from, why he did the things he did, and making his future what he decides it will be.

“I’ve never been here before two weeks ago.”

Miles seems to think he’s never been to the island before, but Faraday thinks otherwise.  Just a quick thought on that topic: could Dr. Chang’s son actually be Miles?  Seems like a reach, but what we do know is that Miles has certainly ben to the island before, and is now paying for it.

“Who came in these, ‘Other Others’?”

Yeah, this is a fun one.  We really don’t know where they are, with the exception that they’re in the future somewhere.  So the group that came in with the water bottle could be anyone.  But here’s my whacked out theory: it’s actually the Oceanic 6!  They’ve returned at some point in the future, but none of the remaining survivors know about it at all.  Of course, the biggest hole in that theory is that supposedly, when they all come back, the island time-skipping will stop.  So maybe not.  But it’s a fun thought, isn’t it?

“Are these your people?”

Well, unless something really weird is happening, then it’s definitely not the Oceanic 6.  After all, why would they be firing on Faraday and team?  More likely, it’s some type of Widmore spin-off group, trying to stop them from getting back and turning the frozen donkey wheel in the other direction, so that Ben and the Oceanic 6 can’t find the island.

Head fake!

Alright, I fell for this one hook, line, and sinker.  Great misdirection here with Claire’s mom.  I totally bought into the idea that she wanted Aaron back, and that she was the one applying the pressure through the lawyer.  But what might be even more interesting is that Jack (and Kate) had the opportunity to do the right thing, stop lying, and allow Aaron to be raised by family.  But for some reason, despite Jack not wanting to lie anymore, he decides once again not to share any info.  I guess his desire to get back to the island now supercedes the desire not to lie.  Very intriguing.  By the way, what’s up with all of the sudden rain?  It even worked its way into the script, so it had to be intentional by the writers.  I have no clue about its significance though.

Nice van dude!

It’s about this time that we’re finally able to see the van that Ben & Sayid are driving around in.  And I’m pretty sure you noticed it, but let me point it out just in case.  Did you happen to see the name of the carpet cleaning company etched on the van?  It reads, “Canton-Rainier”.  Do a quick runthrough on a anagram solver and what do you get?  That’s right, “reincarnation”.  Maybe Locke’s got a way to come back from the dead, but just not as himself.  Could he be Aaron?  Jacob?  Richard Alpert?  Ah, the possibilities…

Jin’s alive!


Here’s one I didn’t see coming.  How the heck did he survive the freighter explosion?  I guess if the Oceanic 6 can survive the helicopter crash, then Jin can survive the explosion.  In any event, I was pleasantly surprised to see him back.  Hopefully we can see a reunion between he and Sun sometime in the near future.

Ben admits to hiring the attorney

Not a huge shocker here, really.  Ben wants to ride the coattails of the Oceanic 6 back to the island, and he knows that he needs all of them back together in order to do it.  So long as Kate thinks that she can continue to lead a happy life with Aaron, she’s going nowhere.  Ben needed to press her into going on the run in order to give her any kind of motivation to go back to the island.  Meanwhile, Sun’s ready to make her move, and she brought Aaron with her.  Looks like the only Oceanic 6 member not there is Hurley.

She’s French, she’s pregnant, she’s…

Rousseau!  OK, you could see that one a mile away.  But it’s cool to see that we’re going to get some answers regarding her backstory.  That was certainly a concern based upon her death last season.  Now all we have to do is tie in the Black Rock and the 4-toed statue, and all of our questions will be answered!

Post-episode questions:

  1. Who the heck were those people shooting at Sawyer and company?  Not a whole lot of clues in that regard.
  2. How did Jin survive the freighter explosion, and how can he get reunited with Faraday and gang?
  3. Will we get any real insight on Rousseau’s team’s “sickness”, and will it be at all related to time travel?
  4. Will Sun actually shoot Ben?
  5. Will Kate join the rest of the Oceanic 6, or will she take Aaron and bolt?

See you all next week!  But in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts below…




4 responses

8 02 2009

I love the theory of the Whispers, and maybe this also has something to do with Smokey. I thought I was the only one questioning the sudden rain storm, but then I figured that it is filmed in Hawaii and it can’t always be controlled and can be written off as winter in L.A. (which isn’t too far from the truth). Great to have Jin back- so was he swimming out there for a while before being rescued by the Other Others? We know that Ben is going to tell Sun that he is alive (in the previews)- does that save Ben from being shot by Sun?
Thanks for the recaps!

8 02 2009

Hey Shannon, thanks for the comment! About the rain storm…I’m still thinking that we’re supposed to extract some type of meaning from it, maybe how it correlates to the folks back on the island? I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’s coincidental. Definitely great to have Jin back, and yes, that should save Ben.

9 02 2009

You are one of the very few people who has even bothered to question Kate and Jack’s decision to lie about Aaron’s parentage. I admire you . . . and I’m being sincere.

The problem is that I’m certain they will be returning to the island soon, which means that Carole Littleton will never get to know her grandson. And Kate, Jack and the rest of the Oceanic Six will never pay the consequences for their lie. If they do, I will be surprised.

9 02 2009

Jin was on the deck of the freighter when it exploded, so perhaps he was flung toward the island just far enough to get caught in its area of effect, then it got busy healing him? And if I’m not mistaken, I think Sayid still has the dart gun from the hospital, so it won’t be real hard to “convince” Sun and Kate to join them.

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