LOST Challenge of the Week: “This Place is Death”

10 02 2009

Ah, sweeps!  While I think the idea of giving a show’s audience more weight in one month more than another is a little odd, it makes for some really great TV in November, February, and May!  So here we are in February, and LOST is ready to deliver the goods!  This past week we got a bunch of good stuff to whet our appetites, including the cover and main article in Entertainment Weekly, and our first full podcast of 2009 from Team Darlton.  A lot of hints abound, including a couple of things that seem to pertain to this week’s installment.

First of all, the podcast strongly suggests that we’re going to get a return visit by Smokey this week.  Of course, with the events on the island taking the cast back and forth through time, we have no idea when or how things might unfold.  But it’ll be interesting nontheless.

The other piece we’ve been teased on ties in significantly with the episodes’s title, so of course, that’s going to be the challenge this week.  It seems apparent that someone’s not going to survive to the end of the show, so your challenge is this:

Who’s going to die in this episode, and more importantly, how?

There are certainly some candidates that are more likely than others, but you guys have never been at a loss for creativity.  I look forward to seeing your guesses.  And if you want to comment on what you think we might see with Smokey, Jin, Rousseau, Sun, Desmond, or anyone else, I’d love to hear it!  Enjoy the show everyone!




One response

11 02 2009

The obvious pick for death would be Charlotte, but that may be too obvious based on the appearance of her declining health. And the writers spent time setting up an interesting back-story on her so it would be disappointing to see her go.

In other news, I’m curious what Frank Lapidus is up to. He snuck out of the story very quietly, having sailed off with Penny and Desmond after jettisoning the O-6 in their raft. I think we’re going to get a surprise reprise when Ben calls on him to navigate them back to the island, assuming Ben’s not lying about himself not being able to return. Perhaps he reported back to Abaddon since he’s the only surviving member of his team? Or maybe Abaddon finds Frank first, and puts the screws to him to find out what really happened? For some reason, I don’t think Abaddon’s really working for Widmore 100%. Geez did I ever go off-topic!

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