LOST Challenge of the Week: Has LOST jumped the shark?

24 02 2009

OK, so let me say this right away: LOST is my favorite show, ever.  I’ve never been as fascinated by a show as much as this one, never looked so forward to every single episode, never even thought of writing a blog…until LOST.

But that doesn’t mean that I lose all objectivity.  It doesn’t mean that I can’t be critical.  And I have to say, after last week’s episode, I can’t help but to feel as though my favorite show has turned a corner that it won’t ever come back from.

To be fair, I don’t think that this is something that happened overnight.  Some people were pretty disappointed when the show went from “scripted Survivor” to the mystery of the button-pushing every 108 minutes.  Others thought the show went downhill when Desmond started having “flashes” that allowed him to know the future.  And still others thought that integrating teleportation and time travel that started with last season’s finale was a bit far-fetched for this show.

Well, I was fairly OK with most of those events (the teleportation and time travel notwithstanding), but last week’s episode has stuck with me all week long, and not in a good way.  And I’m not talking about the “coincidence” that most all of the Oceanic 6 plus Frank Lapidus showed up for the flight back to the island.  In fact, I think most of that will be explained via flashbacks on the island in future episodes.

No, for me the bits that I’m just not digging are these:

  • That there was a Dharma station off the island *in Los Angeles* that was located over a pocket of electromagnetic energy best suited to help discover the island
  • That the LOSTies had to “re-create” Flight 815 in order to get back to the island
  • That Locke had to kill himself in order to get the LOSTies back to the island
  • That Locke will be resurrected (as seen in the previews) once he gets to the island

LOST has slowly evolved from a drama with some minor sci-fi elements, to a full-on sci-fi show, and now to simply a complete fantasy.  From my perspective, what worked so well for LOST was its ability to at least attempt to describe its supernatural or sci-fi events with some measure of reality.  Sure, maybe it didn’t always work, but at least there was the attempt.

Does anyone really want to attempt to base any of the bulleted points above in reality?

I don’t.  Obviously, I will keep watching the show.  I still love what LOST gave to me in those initial seasons, and I have to see how everything ends.  But you can color me majorly disappointed in the events of this season, especially the most recent episode.

So what say you?  Do you agree with me?  Has the show jumped?  Did it already?  Am I nuts to even suggest this?  Please take the poll share your comments below!  I’d really like to hear what all of you think.




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