LOST Recap: Season 5, Episode 8: “LaFleur”

7 03 2009

Wow, was this a humdinger of an episode or what?  After all of the time-skipping, multi-threaded, head-scratching episodes that made up the first part of the season, “LaFleur” made me feel like I had my old LOST back.  Not that we didn’t jump around a bit, or get a few teasers of info, but really, this episode just “felt” so much more like the LOST of season’s past.  I’m really pleased that everyone’s back on the island, and I’m genuinely excited about the next installment!  But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.  First, let’s dissect “LaFleur”, as there was a lot that went on…

“Yeah, I’d say WAY before”


Wow, has there ever been a better jump-off to an episode than this one?  As soon as they all started looking up, I shouted, “The statue!  We’re finally going to see the statue!”  Alas, we only got to see the *back* of the statue.  Not that I mind that much.  I’m OK with them dragging this one out a little bit, because it’s fun to try to guess what the heck it all means.  First of all, the popular guess around the interwebs is that the statue is actually Anubis of Egyptian fame.  Certainly not a bad guess, as my understanding is that Anubis’ back feet actually had 4 toes.  Plus, the item in the right hand of the statue certainly looks very much like an ankh, which would further support the theory.  And, we have seen what appear to be hieroglyphics, both in the Swan station when the button wasn’t pushed, and with what was carved into the temple.  Plus, later in this episode, Amy is very find of her dead husband’s keepsake, an ankh.  It’s actually very interesting that we just came from an episode with very strong Christian overtones to one with a decidedly Eqyptian god theme.


But anyway, what if it *is* Anubis?  What does that mean?  A quick wiki on the subject tells us that Anubis is the god to protect the dead and bring them to the afterlife.  All that does for me is lend credence to the whole “purgatory” theory of the island, despite the fact that Team Darlton has flat-out debunked it.  Perhaps it was built as some sort of warning by those who believed in Anubis, warning others that death or the afterlife would await anyone who approached the island?  I can’t say that I’ve got this one figured out, and I’d love to hear what any of you might think.

Of course, I wouldn’t rule out the idea that the statue is actually one of our LOSTies that got pushed back in time somehow.  The writers certainly aren’t beyond pushing us one way and then pulling back the curtain to show something else entirely.  But to be fair, I’m just as interested in how the statue got destroyed down to its 4-toed foot as I am who its a statue of.  In fact, that might be the bigger clue to LOST’s endgame.  Or perhaps not.  Either way, I don’t have any real good guesses, I’m just glad to be along for the ride on this one.

Sawyer jumps into the well…

…well, sort of.  Too bad it’s all sealed off.  But I tell you what, Sawyer really seemed to all about everyone else in this episode, starting with this act.  He was ready to throw caution to the wind to save Locke, and that’s just the start of his heroics in this episode.  We’ve come a long way from Sawyer’s first days on the island when his only concern was about how much stash he could horde away from everyone else…

“I’m gone ten minutes and you’re having a hootenanny?”


Hahaha, I crack myself up just writing that line!  It’s cool to get a little insight into the lives of the Dharma Initiative, especially with our good ol’ friend Horace blowing up trees with TNT.  That’s certainly one way to have fun on the island!  Of course, the kicker is that we find out that Dharma’s head of security back in 1977 is none other than LaFleur…better known as Sawyer.

Hey! How’d Michelle get on the island?!

All of you out there that are fans of both 24 and LOST got a little treat in this one as “Michelle Dessler” (Tony’s deceased wife) from 24 shows up.  I could make some witty comment relating her death on 24 and appearance on the island…but I won’t.  The bigger issue at hand is that Amy looks very pregnant, and is about to try to have a baby…on the island.  But the show makes us wait before we get any resolution on that front.

“I’m not going to do it.  I’m not going to tell her.”

As I stated in an earlier blog when we first saw Charlotte die, Faraday is soon to face the ultimate proof of his theory that he can’t change the past.  You see, he’s already told Charlotte that she shouldn’t come back to the island.  So when the time comes again, he will have no choice but to tell her, even though he knows she won’t listen, and will return to her death.  Faraday is so desperate to save her right now that he’s trying to will himself to not do the inevitable, just in an attempt to change something, anything, about the timeline that would lead to a different result than this one.  But in the end, he’ll have no choice.  He’ll have to tell her even though he won’t want to.  How truly sad and ironic.

“Thanks anyway, Plato.”


Just as Miles was about to lose his mind about going back and forth between the beach and the Orchid, the crew gets a little unplanned interruption in the form of a Dharma/Others skermish.  I’d be curious to know a bit more details regarding what prompted the issue, but the bottom line is that once again Sawyer puts others first and crew is off to spend some time with the Dharma folk.  Of course, that’s not before they come face-to-face with the sonic fence…

“Maybe whatever made that happen hasn’t happened yet.”

Not only is Sawyer well-versed in Faraday’s rules, but he also has insight into the whole island pregnancy thing.  Don’t ask me how, but he’s got a theory that women can have babies on the island at this point, and he just so happens to be right.  On second thought, *do* ask me how he knows.  It’s an odd thing that he came up with that.  Maybe he knows more than he’s letting on, maybe he’s just hoping for the best.  But either way, there’s clearly something that happens in the next 27 years of island time that causes all of the pregnancy problems.  The first thought that comes to mind is that the purge has something to do with it.  That maybe there’s some leftover effect in the air, soil, or something else that’s causing the problem.  Of course, there are probably a multitude of other possible explanations, so we’ll have to see how that works out.

“Searching for a famous lost wreck, it’s an old slaver…the Black Rock”


Sawyer does a good job of name dropping here, but other than that, he does a poor job of selling his story.  In fact, it appears as though Horace doesn’t buy it at all, as he’s ready to ship Sawyer and gang off the island with the very next submarine.  Thankfully for them, the Dharma folk get a visit from a special visitor…

“Your buddy out there with the eyeliner, let me talk to him.”


You gotta love when the writers pay attention to their audience.  Little lines like that let us know that they’re listening to all of the chatter, and are not above having a laugh right along with us.  As for the conversation itself between Sawyer and Richard, that was pretty classic as well.  Sawyer comes at Richard with the you’re not the only one with a secret trick, firing away with knowledge about Jughead, John Locke, and some crazy disappearing act.  Alpert fires back fairly non-plussed, pretty much saying that he doesn’t give a crap what he know or who he is, he needs some payback, period.  Amy agrees to the exchange, and everything is right again in the Dharma camp, at least for now.  And, as a result, Sawyer buys his crew 2 weeks to stay on the island and wait for Locke.

But before I address that, what I want to know is, where’s little Ben Linus?  If my math is right, Ben and his dad should be part of the Dharma initiative at this point, and part of the proceedings.  Perhaps we’ll get to see some more Dharma adventures in future episodes, and he’ll be involved somehow.  But for me, he’s conspicuous by his absence in this episode.

3 months or 3 years?


Even before the final segment where Horace’s dilemma dovetails Sawyer’s, you could feel the situation coming.  And while Sawyer says that 3 years is long enough to get over someone, we’re certainly led to believe otherwise.  Obviously, that’s going to be a thing to play out in subsequent episodes, but I think it’s important to stress something.  Remember, even though it only played out over the course of one episode, Sawyer and gang have been playing house with the Dharma folk for over three years.  On the flip side, Sawyer and gang’s “friendship” with the other LOSTies, despite being played out over 4+ seasons, pretty much amounts to only 3 months’ time.  Who will the group feel more loyal to, Dharma, or their Flight 815 buddies?  I’m very excited to see how that plays out.

Post-episode questions

  1. Who’s Sawyer going to pick?  Will he stay with Juliet, or will he be persuaded to try to get back with Kate?
  2. How will everyone get back to the “present” of 2007?  (We may have had our answer to this in the opening segment of the season premiere.)
  3. Do we know who Amy’s baby is?  Is it someone we’ve seen before?  (Rumors are flying around that it might just be an Other that we’re very familiar with…)
  4. How will the LOSTies avoid being part of the purge?  And do they play any role in causing it to happen?
  5. What changes between the timeline Sawyer and gang are in and 2004 that causes mother and child to die in childbirth?

Remember, no new LOST next week, but I’ll be back on here trying to spur on some conversation with all of you!




One response

7 03 2009

All I gotta say is…I love the 70’s! And yes, this ep really put me back in the womb that made LOST a classic over the years as well. Felt like I was right back in the middle of one of those 20-episode marathon weekends.

Sawyer/James/LaFleur/ and now, just plain Jim. He sure has garnered many aliases over the years. I’m curious why he picked “LaFleur”, I don’t think it just came out of nowhere. He has my vote for most mutated character on the show, and I mean that in a good way. Very interesting how he went from the most despicable criminal sleaze-ball in season one, to security chief of the whole Dharma initiative.

Many questions later…
Where’d Faraday go? I’m guessing he took the sub back to Life On 1974. And when the hec is everyone else?? We know that Jack, Kate and Hurley are now in 1977 with Sawyer, Jin and Miles. Are Locke, Sun, Ben and the other crashees in the same timestream? Are they just on the other island? An airplane crash-landing would be a pretty big event, and there is no hint of that during this episode, so I’m guessing they ended up somewhen else.

And finally, my guess of the statue’s who-abouts….I’ll guess it here first, and I’m going to suggest that we’ll see Locke’s face on it when it’s finally revealed.

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