LOST Challenge of the Week: “Namaste”

17 03 2009

LOST is back! After a one-week hiatus, our favorite show is back for the 2nd half of the season.  Can you believe we’re halfway through already?  Personally, I’m more excited for the remaining episodes this season than I was for the start of the season.  It feels like we’ve got a great setup for some interesting storytelling in the next batch of episodes, and I can’t wait to see it unfold.  What role will our LOSTies play in the Purge or the Incident?  Also, if the rumors are true, we’ll be seeing TWO deaths before the end of the season, one of which will be a truly major character.  Of course, all of this leading up to the final cliffhanger of LOST, ever.  Can you tell yet that I’m geeked to get the 2nd half of the season started?

All that being said, we’ve got a challenge of the week to get to.  And I’m going to throw you a bit of a change-up for this one.  Instead of giving you a challenge based upon the upcoming episode, I’m going to give you a challenge based upon the upcoming podcast.  You might be saying, “what”?  How could that be interesting?  Well, our friends over at TV Guide say that the next podcast will invite the fans to name the next “secret” scene from the upcoming finale.  Last year it was “the frozen donkey wheel”, the year before it was “the snake in the mailbox”…what could it be this year?  Maybe YOU will be the one to name it!  Anyway, even not knowing what the heck the scene is about, this week’s challenge is to throw out your best name for this season’s secret scene!  I’ll give you a little nudge…how about, “Dr. Candle’s Scandal: it’s Dharma Karma!”

OK, that was bad.  That’s why we need your guesses!  I hope to hear a few good ones; I know you guys are pretty creative.  Either way, enjoy the return of the show!




4 responses

18 03 2009

Geez that’s a good one, i couldn’t fathom to make a guess that’s actually based on anything we know about the show. So here’s my SWAG, based on the show’s ability to throw strange things at us: “The Turing Test.”
(Wiki the term for details)

18 03 2009

Man, tough one for sure Paul…but Im going with “The Jolly Stone Giant”

21 03 2009

The DeGroot of All Evil

21 03 2009

Awesome, I love it! I knew you guys could come up with some good ones!

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