LOST Challenge of the Week: “He’s Our You”

25 03 2009

Ah…Wednesday again.  It feels so much like we have the old LOST back right now, and that really makes me look forward to Wednesdays.  I’m especially excited about tonight’s installment, as I’m guessing that we’re going to see all of the pieces that got set up in “Namaste” start to move forward.  There are a bunch of interesting possibilities just waiting to happen, and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

Of course, with last episode being more of a “set-up” episode than anything else, it makes it tough to come up with a truly compelling challenge of the week.  But my best try revolves around the episode’s title.  Without knowing key pieces of the principals of the title, it makes it hard to have any clue what it’s talking about.  So, see if you can guess them:

  1. Who’s the “He”?
  2. Who’s the “You”?
  3. And who’s the one saying the line?

I bet you can come up with some fun answers, even if you’re not trying too hard to get it right!

Enjoy tonight’s episode!




3 responses

25 03 2009

My guess is that this will be a Locke/Sun centric episode. That said, here’s my SWAGs for the questions:
1. Locke
2. Christian
3. Jin

Even though Jin is not in the same timeline, the phrase sounds kind of Jinglish-like (albeit a stretch for his improved english.)

The tagline for this ep says that someone goes rogue and puts everyone in danger. At first I’d say that would be Sun, but the previews look like everything’s happening in 1977, which casts a cloud on my prediction. So if I had to make a guess in that timeline, I’d say Jin would be the loose cannon.

– Can’t wait to see Jack plunging a toilet! hoohah!

25 03 2009

Who’s the “He”? : Sawyer

Who’s the “You”? : Jack

And who’s the one saying the line? Juliet

Rationale: Given the end of last week’s episode which put the “Honeymooners” on edge, I think there will be a “power struggle” of sorts between Jack and Sawyer. I don’t think Jack likes to be a follower. I think he’ll try to approach or leverage Juliet who will, for now, defend Sawyer as the new, unquestioned leader of the “band”.

25 03 2009

Could also be a Ben thing…

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