LOST Challenge of the Week: “Whatever Happened Happened”

31 03 2009

So…where do I even start this week?  I guess I should start by saying that I really hope that all of you are enjoying LOST as much as I am right now.  In reality folks, we’re coming up to the end of the show.  We’re on the stretch run of the penultimate season, so the time of blind guessing about the meaning of all things LOST is rapidly coming to a close.  For me, that’s what I’m going to miss the most about the show.  The narrative and plotlines in and of themselves are fantastic, the characters are great to follow, and the money they spend on the show to make everything seem real is incredible.  But what has really made this show transcend normal TV into something different and better has been the ability to talk about it with so many other folks, and share theories about what just appeared on the screen, and what might yet happen.

So this week’s challenge is centered around stimulating that discussion, and thus is a little bit more grand in scope than usual.  Let me set the table appropriately.  I’ve been reading around the web alot this past week, because I’ve been so excited about the possibilities for the rest of the season.  And what I’ve found is a bunch of people debating whether or not Ben is really dead, and whether or not the idea of “Whatever Happened Happened” is actually legitimate.  (You know where I stand on that issue, but I have a feeling we’ll get a pretty good answer in the upcoming show.)  In any event, let’s just assume that the rule is indeed held up to be true for the purposes of the show.  I actually read that someone thought that would be the most boring plot device ever.  He rationalized, what fun would it be to know what was going to happen?  What fun would it be to have the future set, and all we’d see is everything play out exactly the way we know it would?

Well, as you might imagine, I’m in the complete opposite camp.  What I think we’re seeing here is really cool.  If everything we know is true right now, then we’ve been shown why Ben grows up to be the evil man he is.  Instead of being walked through it via dialogue, or re-living it through a flashback, we’ve gotten to witness it first-hand.  So my thought is, what if the LOSTies are responsible for much more than that?  What if the LOSTies are responsible for The Purge?  What if the LOSTies are responsible for The Incident?  What if, amazingly, the LOSTies never go “back to the future”, live through 1977, 1978, 1979…all the way to 2004…and are responsible for their own Flight 815 crashing on the island?  How crazy would that be?  That wouldn’t be boring at all in my opinion…that would be the coolest of cool.

So, how does that tie in to the Challenge of the Week?  Well, this week’s challenge is a little bit more big-time than usual.  What I’m looking for you guys to come up with is, what LOST lore would you love to have explained via the LOSTies actually creating for themselves?  And, additionally, how would you explain it?

Yeah, pretty big challenge this week, but I hope at least a couple of you are up to it.  I’d love to hear what you think.  And if you think I’m way off base, feel free to chime in with your latest theory and explain it all to me.  Here’s hoping we can get some good discussion going in these last few weeks of the season!

In any event, I hope you all enjoy the show tonight!  Thanks for stopping by!




One response

2 04 2009
Bob Bland

Good stuff. I really enjoyed last night’s episode, especially the time travel debate between Hurley and Miles.

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