LOST Challenge of the Week: “Dead Is Dead”

8 04 2009

So…I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t know if I could be any more geeked for tonight’s episode.  I mean, an episode that promises to give us more insight to one of the most enigmatic characters on the show (Ben), a visit from Smokey (that may very well include a confrontation with Ben), as well as a hint that we may see someone die (that title is truly ominous, isn’t it?) makes for what could be the best episode of the season to date.  Of course, potential doesn’t always equate to greatness in execution, but LOST has a pretty darn good track record.  There’s definitely a high level of expectation coming into tonight.

And with it comes a great number of directions to go with the challenge of the week.  Do we speculate on a possible death?  Do we try to guess what Ben was up to at the marina or at any other point in his past?  Well, those could be fun, but I think what could be the most interesting thing to try to guess is this: What is going to happen if/when Ben goes toe-to-toe with the Smoke Monster?  I’m sure you guys can come up with some really interesting possibilities.

That’s about it for today…enjoy the episode tonight!




One response

8 04 2009

It’s a trick–get an axe! I’ll go on record saying that this is yet another Ben deception, at least as far as his motives are concerned. Possibly so he can gain control of the monster and/or create a situation where he can manipulate it to advance his agenda. Allowing it to take some snapshots of his memories might be exactly what he knows must be done. However, the bigger question of his ultimate goal is anyone’s guess.

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