LOST Recap: Season 5, Episode 13: “Some Like It Hoth”

19 04 2009

Alright, before I get started, let me apologize for the delay in getting this post out.  Not that I think that any of you are waiting for my recap to make your LOST week complete, but I’d certainly like to be a little more timely.  Anyway, it was my daughter’s first birthday this past weekend, and obviously, I didn’t want to miss any of the festivities.  If there’s anything that wins out over my LOST obsession, it’s my daughter.  Anyway, that’s my excuse…I expect to get the posts out for the remainder of the season in a much more timely fashion.

So, after a huge mythology episode in “Dead Is Dead”, it was almost inevitable that we’d slow things down a bit with “Some Like It Hoth”.  It wasn’t quite as humorous as I had expected, but it was still a fun episode, and it had a couple of little tidbits of info to analyze and dissect.  So let’s jump right in!

Miles gets started at an early age


Interesting first scene this week, as it didn’t really seem to tell us anything we didn’t already know.  Miles can “talk” to dead people…OK, but we saw this in the “freighter folk” flashback last season, right?  I guess this scene establishes his relationship with his mother, and sets up the fact that he had his ability when he was young.  Unless I missed something though, there wasn’t a whole lot more than that.

“I’m gonna bring you into the circle of trust.”


Well, OK, so much for my earlier assessment that Horace seemed to be one of the few Dharma folk without a secret agenda.  But more that that, what this scene, and the episode as a whole, tells us is that Dharma has a lot more going on than they’re letting most of their group know about.  I’ll get into this a bit more later, but suffice it to say that Dharma’s not on the island just to have a commune away from the rest of society.  No, they have an ulterior motive…the true intentions of which are unknown…

“I need you to tell me why I’m this way…”


…and I need to know why you won’t talk to me about my father.”  It’s interesting how the first part of Miles’ request gets pretty much lost in the explanation of the second.  But the answers of how and why certain things manifest themselves will come in another episode.  This show was all about the father/son relationship, seen through Miles’ eyes.  Of course, this might have given you the first clue about how the planet Hoth might have been relevant to the episode itself…

Miles and Hurley take a road trip


We already knew that these two made for some interesting dialogue, so why not have them hop in the van together for some more fun?  Although the writing wasn’t as crisp as some of the previous episodes, it was still cool to hear the banter.  My favorite was Hurley “confiding” in Miles that he could talk to dead people too…”you’re just jealous my power’s better than yours.”  Hilarious!

Miles makes it clear that he’s all about the money

We already had a real good idea about this, but his scene with the father who lost his football player son, it becomes abundantly clear.  Not only can’t he speak with the son, but he charges the father extra for privilege.  Miles wants cash, and that’s all he wants.  The question is, why?  Here’s hoping we get the answer at some point…

Kate can’t keep her poker face

Not sure why she cares so much…perhaps her time away from the island has made her a little bit more empathetic to other people’s plights…but she can join me and my gang at our Texas Hold ‘Em parties anytime!  It’s actually almost sad how Kate’s actions are consistently causing more harm than good since she’s returned to the island.  She’s distanced herself from Jack, gave up little Ben to whatever devices lie within the Temple, and now she’s opened up a hole in the smoke screen the LOSTies have put up in Dharmaville.  It’s clear that things are going to become worse before they become better…

“That douche is my dad.”

First off, kudos to Hurley for calling out Mr. Chang as the jerk that he is.  You really gotta wonder why the guy is consistently on his worst behavior.  Second, was this one of the worst-kept secrets in LOST ever?  OK, knowing that “Kevin Johnson” was Michael was probably an easier call, but this wasn’t that much more difficult.  I don’t think I specifically called it out in the first episode of the season, but I think I came pretty close.  In any event, not too much of a shocker here.  It does, however, set up the rest of the episode quite nicely…

“He’s on his way to deliver something to a guy named Widmore…”


OK, so this is an interesting scene, but can we really decipher anything out of it?  The guy was bringing “evidence” of the staged Flight 815 to Widmore.  But was that to cover the tracks, or to expose Ben (or someone else)?  If you take it at face value, it really seems to point to the idea that Ben planted the fake Flight 815 at the bottom of the ocean…likely to give everyone closure to the idea that there might be survivors.  This is certainly a departure from what we thought we learned last season…that Widmore planted the plane.  Having Ben be the one that ultimately planted the evidence makes a ton more sense, but we’ve already been misdirected at least once, so I’m not closing the book on this one quite yet.

“How weird is it that your dad is that dude from all those movies?” 

Although it wasn’t any major shock to learn that Pierre Chang is Miles’ dad, it does make things very interesting with respect to who Widmore chose for his freighter expedition.  Now we can say with almost absolute certainty that Widmore hand-picked Faraday, Charlotte, and Miles because he likely meets and remembers them back in Dharmaville.  He knows that they must be chosen in order to fulfill their destinies in the past.  Very cyclical, and it plays on the whole free will vs. fate argument that almost certainly seems to be at least a major factor in LOST’s endgame.  After all, did Widmore choose them because of their special abilities, or did he choose them because he knew he *had to*?

“What did you learn in class today?”

“Oh nothing…just some stuff about the ancient Egyptians…”  OK, so that wasn’t spoken in the episode, but it may as well could have.  Awfully convenient to have Jack’s janitorial duties involve erasing the blackboard on Egyptian history day, isn’t it?  Of course, even with my DVR, I couldn’t make out anything worth discussing here.  I’m sure that we were supposed to be led to think more about how Egypt is going to play a role in the show, but not much else.  Any further clues will have to come from those that can translate the hieroglyphics on and under the Temple.


The one interesting thing to take from this scene though, is Jack’s demeanor.  First, he doesn’t bat an eye when Roger kicks his mop bucket.  He’s more in control of his emotions than ever before.  Second, he calmly comes to defend Kate, even after she previously threw him under the bus.  I may be the only one that feels this way right now, but I love the transformation that Jack’s character has gone through, and I can’t wait to see him get the chance to bust through the window of opportunity he is so calmly waiting for.

Hurley and Miles continue their Dharma station tour with Dr. Chang


I’m not sure which is more entertaining: the dialogue betwene the three of them (“I like country”), or the discovery of all of the Dharma stations in various states of construction.  One thing I am extremely curious about though…we know that the Dharma folk are building their stations next to the island’s phenomena.  The barracks are built on the smoke monster summoner, and the Orchid is built on top of the frozen donkey wheel.  But what is the Swan station built on?  Could it be where the Others buried “Jughead”?  Or is there something else going on there?

“What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue?”


OK, so it took only one week for my thoughts about the Shadow people to be disproven.  They are clearly not working for Widmore, as they wouldn’t countermand him so directly if they were.  The first conclusion you might come to is the idea that they must be working for Ben.  However, I’m not so sure.  Maybe they’re working for neither Ben nor Widmore.  Could they be working for Richard?  Could theyt be operating completely on their own?  Either way, they sure do know a bunch about Miles.  And they almost seem to be genuine in their desire to help him understand the things that have happened to him in his life.  But he takes the low road, and looks for money instead of answers.  (Which, by the way, explains why he asked for the specific dollar amount when he met Ben last season.)  When Miles’ abductor claims that he’s going to be on the winning side, you’re almost inclined to believe him…

“It’s ‘furry fist’…I need a spell-check.”

Hilarious dialogue once again between these two, and the mystery of the episode title is finally revealed.  And if it stays true to form, you realluy have to feel for Miles.  After all, if you haven’t noticed already, this show is largely about people who have issues with their fathers.  Miles, Hurley, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Ben, Locke…I mean, it might be easier to list characters who *don’t* have daddy issues.  But what the title might be telling is here is that some folks may actually prefer it that way.  “Some Like It Hoth” may actually mean that some characters prefer to have their relationship with their father mirror the movie that Hoth was in…The Empire Strikes Back.  That maybe Miles would prefer to have his relationship with his father be dysfuntional as opposed to seeing what he can do to work things out, or at least understand him.


Hurley’s subsequent discussion with Miles seems to be what the island is all about: getting redemption.  Be it from the scarred relationship with your father, or any other issue you may bring with you, this island gives you another shot.  Hurley used it to his advantage and made things right with his dad.  Let’s see if Miles (and many of the other people who need to) can go down the same path and find a way to patch things up.

“I know who took the kid.”

How amusing is it that as soon as Jack is able to give Sawyer and Juliet a measure of peace surrounding Ben’s disappearance and the potential fallout it could bring, Sawyer’s inability to cover his own tracks creates a situation even more dire than before.  There’s no coming back from this now.  The ruse is up, and I’m sure the consequences will be played out over the course of the final few episodes of the season.

Miles gives the money back

At this point, we all know just how much Miles likes money.  So what’s the sense of returning all of the cash?  Did he get such a huge amount from Widmore that he doesn’t need it anymore?  Or did he really have a change of heart?  Clearly, the writers are trying to show us (perhaps too blatantly) that Miles does have a heart underneath that tough exterior, and that maybe he will have the ability to reach out and try to understand his father.

By the way, I’d like to say here that I initially didn’t like Miles’ character very much, but that he’s grown on me greatly since we first met him.  It was nice to see a bit more about his backstory, even if it didn’t seem as though there was anything truly relevatory or groundbreaking to it.

“Hey Miles…long time, no see.”


Ah yes, Mr. Faraday!  Long time, no see indeed!  It’s nice to see Daniel back on the island, and it really sets up the excitement and anticipation for the next episode.  Filler time is over, and it’s time to begin building the momentum towards the season finale!

Post-episode questions:

  1. Who do the Shadow people work for?  And what might their motives be?
  2. What has Faraday been up to all this time, and why did he decide to come back to the island now?
  3. How is Sawyer going to cover his tracks now, and should he even try?
  4. What is Dharma really up to, and how do they know so much about the island’s mysteries?
  5. Did Hurley actually write the script for The Empire Strikes Back?  🙂

No new episode this week, but I expect to drop in and discuss some of this year’s developments with you, to see if we can piece together what’s in store for us in the final few episodes of the season.  Thanks for stopping by!




3 responses

20 04 2009

1. Ben would be the obvious choice–The dead would crucify him if anyone found out what they knew!
2. Dan might have been working on figuring things out with mommy dearest. Nothing like multivariable differential calculus to bring a family together!
3. Sawyer and Jack have always been the number one ego battle in the show. My guess is that they will continue to spar, but in a strangely cooperative way. Both of them will try to reign Kate in.
4. We actually see Doctor Dickman in a lighter vein this episode, in response to Hurley’s prompting, and again during the touching storybook time as Miles observes. I think there will be an important connection between Doc Chang and Richard Alpert as the show progresses.
5. Yes. Most notably, he suggested that the planet be named “Hoth”!

29 04 2009

OK… here is my way out takes….

Who do the Shadow people work for? I think they are a part of the island, working for the island and protecting it against those poeple who could potentially be morally challegned and who would do the island harm. Ben knew in order to return to the island he had to be judged by the island in order to stay. Even though Ben has been a real jerk he still is working to keep the island safe.

As for “what has Faraday been up to all this time, and why did he decide to come back to the island now? I think after his first trip to the island burned up his home office he had to come up with a different way of finding and tracking the island. I think Mr. Dan was working to create the island tracking system which laid under the church… and this was allowing him to figure out how to get back to the island.

How is Sawyer going to cover his tracks now, and should he even try?
Sawyer covering his tracks is what Sawyer does. From the begining he was a scam artist covering his tracks and hiding the truth. I think it odd what he would suddenly turn around…could this be the fair Juliet’s doing? Naw… he will cover his tracks… what I find amazing is I see that Sawyer amoung other flight surviors are now finding more trust in the others and their actions than with Dharma… interesting twist.

What is Dharma really up to, and how do they know so much about the island’s mysteries? I think Dharma is the front… that they are expoliting the island and it’s resouces using the intiative as a front so that the other’s would allow them to be on the island. I think if the other’s fully knew what Dharma was up too they would kill them.. Oh Wait! Did Ben to that?!?! LOL!

Did Hurley actually write the script for The Empire Strikes Back? I don’t know if Hurley wrote the script but here is a link to Hurley’s verison… LOL!


5 05 2009
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