LOST Challenge of the Week: “The Variable”

28 04 2009

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I simply can’t wait for these last 3 episodes of LOST to hit the airwaves.  After a one week mini-hiatus, the hype meter is on high for the remaining 4 hours of Season 5.  While there’s all kinds of rampant speculation about what the finale will or won’t contain, the next episode, “The Variable”, seems pretty straightforward.  It’s going to be a Daniel episode, and he’s going to share with the LOSTies everything he knows about the island.  Additionally, it seems as though the Dharmaville ruse is finally up, and people are going to have to choose sides regarding staying in Dharma…or something else.  It looks like a high-drama, high-action episode.

But what intrigues me the most about the episode is the title.  Last season, we had an episode called “The Constant”, in which Desmond came to realize that he needed Penny, his constant, in order to remain sane and alive despite all of the time traveling he was doing (even if it was all in his consciousness and not actual physical time travel).  Additionally, we came to learn that Desmond was actually Faraday’s constant.  With Desmond off the island and Faraday back on it, you might wonder about (or fear for) Daniel’s safety…

But what about “The Variable”?  Is it a bookend of sorts for the episode “The Constant”?  And will it have a negative impact, as opposed to the positive impact of “The Constant”?  I guess that’s what I’m asking you…as this week’s challenge of the week:

What is “The Variable”, how is it related to Faraday, and in what way will it affect him?

That’s all for now, see you back in a couple of days with the recap!  Enjoy the show, I expect it’ll be an interesting ride!




5 responses

28 04 2009

What is the Variable? I’ll throw a Hot Pocket guess at his mother, Eloise Hawking. How does it affect him? Maybe the writers (and fans) are tired of everyone having “daddy issues” throughout the series and we’ll finally see some “mommy issues” surface?? I’ll have my seat belt fastened for sure, hoo-hah!!

29 04 2009

Ooh. Good guess Brad.

The problems in Dharmaville were shown in commercials a while ago. I’m glad they are actually gonna show the parts with the guns now. I’m guessing Miles will tell his dad to send his mom off the island.

29 04 2009

I have to say my thoughts are running the same as Brad’s! His mother has popped up before, including the episode where Desmond pretends to be a monk! OF all the character’s what do we know about Desmonds parent’s. I think we know back stories on all the parents but his? Unless, I missed something…

29 04 2009

Interesting point, she has spent a good deal of time trying to guide Desmond’s actions. Ooh, what if Desmond and Daniel are related!

29 04 2009

Now wouldn’t that be a twist if they were related?!?

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