Pre-discussion: “The Incident, Parts 1 & 2”

14 05 2009

Alright, so I said I wouldn’t be around until Saturday, and the truth is, I won’t be able to do the finale justice until then.  But I just wanted to drop in here and leave a post letting you all know that I when I do post on the finale, I promise that it will be massive.  We were given so many pieces to the puzzle yesterday, and I want to address each and every one of them, and in great detail.  I may even break the post up into segments because I know that I’ve got a lot to say.

There’s been a ton of buzz around the web for this episode (and rightly so), so I’m sure you can get a good fix from other places like Dark UFO or  But rest asured that I’ll give you my unique take on things, and perhaps have a few things that the other folks either glossed over or chose not to discuss directly.  I hope that it’ll be worth the wait.

In the meantime, feel free to use the comments space below to either leave your impressions of the episode, or to give me a “hot topic” from the finale that you want to make sure I touch on.  I promise to integrate anything you leave for me into the recap on Saturday.

I hope you enjoyed the episode as much as I did, and I hope you come back in a couple of days so I can share my thoughts with you.  Thanks for stopping by!




2 responses

15 05 2009

My lucky guess in the last post seems almost insignificant in the face of the bigger revelation about anti-Locke supposedly being the man-in-black from scene one (but i still score points, yay!). I think Ben still has some agenda at work. And now that he knows that Locke is not really Locke, that will cast doubt on the legitimacy of his daughter’s / Smokey’s threats, and probably invalidate it in his mind. I don’t think he’ll be giving up now, after 35 years of Ben being Ben. Now that Jacob’s gone, the island is up for grabs.

Now that we know there’s possibly an over-arching centuries-long struggle going on between good and evil, it made me ponder how the overall themes of the show tie together.

– Where did Jacob come from?
– What is the relationship between Jacob and the numbers? Did he discover them long ago or did he create them as a means to focus/manifest parts of the island’s reality?
– Does Jacob have ultimate control over the island?
– Was being killed by Ben part of Jacob’s plan? Is he actually dead?
– How will anti-Locke explain himself once they come back to camp? Will he morph into the smoke monster to reveal his true nature?

I’ve read Doc Jenson over at and Erika’s preliminary discussion at darkufo, they have some pretty cool insights. Can’t wait to see what you have to say, Pablo, you’ve got your work cut out for you!

16 05 2009

Incredible episode. I didn’t like Jack’s lame reason for wanting to reset the clock- another chance with Kate. Everyone else seemed to have much more mystical or understandable reasons for what they wanted- ie Locke’s resurrection/transformation- or those on 815 destined for prison, ie Sawyer and Kate. Jack and Kate were strangers before they met on the island after the crash. There’s nothing in Jack’s backstory that indicates meeting his significant other in Kate would set his personal issues aside and make things right- especially if the planes lands in LA with Kate in the marshall’s handcuffs.

Beyond that, the episode’s good and evil play with Jacob and Mr. Loophole was fantastic. I have spent too much time trying to understand how two Locke bodies can be manifested- beyond the smoke monster. Smokey has always been malevolent- willing to kill. Jacob appeared to be benevolent but could it be that he’s actually evil?

Anyway, the coolest clue in the episode appeared with the obvious tilt towards the Flannery O’Connor book-

They’re coming… in January 2010. Too long to wait.

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