LOST Discussion: Top 10 Dangling Threads

25 05 2009

Hey there everyone!  Not sure about the rest of you, but I’m still riding the buzz of the season finale from over a week ago.  It still feels like there is much to be interpreted, and of course, we have no idea where the show is going to go after the shocking turn of events in the finale.

But as you all know, next season is the last season of LOST, and I’m going to do everything I can to keep things fresh for all of you during the hiatus.  My goal is to come up with at least one intriguing post every month during the show’s break, and hopefully more.  We’ll talk about interesting events, where some of the characters have come from and where they may go, and I’m even hoping to try to go to Comic Con this year, and give you a first-hand report of the LOST event.  And if you’ve got anything you want me to break down in detail before the last 16 or 17 hours of LOST airs, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!  I’d be happy to give you my unique take on things.

In any event, I’ve got something a little different for you in this post.  About a month ago, I gave you my top 10 list of unanswered questions.  Some of those have actually been answered in some way since the finale aired.  But in this post, I want to do something just a slight bit different.  I don’t want to ask questions about some of the larger plot threads, like what happened when the bomb went off, or what’s going to happen now that Jacob got stabbed.  No, this post is going to be about some of the smaller dangling threads that the writers haven’t yet answered.  You know, some of the things that you may have forgotten about with all of the chaos of the finale.  And maybe, just maybe, if we pull on them and unearth the answers, they may just tell us something about the larger plot overall.  So let’s get to it!

10. Why can’t Ben and Widmore kill each other?


As I asked in my finale recap, did you actually miss Widmore in the finale?  Would you have even imagined that the finale wouldn’t include him, and that you wouldn’t have even noticed?  But really, he’s been much too prevelant to the storyline both as an Other in the past, and as Ben’s adversary in the present, to be completely absent from the sixth and final season.

But what is he up to?  Is he destined not to ever return to the island?  And more importantly, what’s the deal with he and Ben not being able to kill each other directly?  Is it the island protecting them both?  Or is there more to it than that?  By any chance is their relationship tied into the relationship of Jacob and Man #2?  I’m not going to venture any guesses like I did in the top 10 questions column, but I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing some of your theories in the comments section below.  Regardless, I don’t think this thread will be dropped, so keep it in mind as Season 6 unfolds.

9. How did the statue turn into a lone 4-toed remnant?


The statue became a great focus of Season 5, and amazingly, in the finale we discovered that the base of it is actually Jacob’s home.  Most of the questions surrounding it now are about what it may or may not be, and what that means with respect to the overall mythology of the show.  But what is just as intriguing to me is how it was reduced to a single 4-toed foot.  Did it happen when the h-bomb went off?  Did the Black Rock fire upon it?  (They had lots of TNT, right?)  Or is there some other explanation?  Regardless of what the answer is, I’m suggesting that you don’t lose track of that point while discussing how much sense it makes for it to be Tawaret.

8. Walt’s dream/vision of Locke


So, how many of you remember this?  In the episode, “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”, Locke visits each of his island friends back on the mainland.  One of his earlier visits takes him to Walt, who warns him of some impending danger: “I’ve been having dreams about you.  You were on the island, wearing a suit, and there are people all around you.  They wanted to hurt you, John.”

While I won’t go as far as to say that Walt’s dream will inevitably come to fruition, I will say that you John Locke fans have a little bit more evidence to point to that the Locke we’ve always known will be back somehow in Season 6.  Beyond that, maybe we’ll get to see Walt return to the island in Season 6?  Just thought I’d remind you of that so you can have it in the back of your mind as things unfold next year.

7. Richard Alpert’s 3rd pre-1977 trip off-island


In the finale, Richard says, “I’ve gone off the island three times, two to visit him.”  The interesting thing to note about that statement is that it comes in 1977.  Since we can rule out his trip to Mittelos Bioscience to recruit Juliet, we know that we’ve seen both of those trips: once when Locke was still a baby in the hospital, and the other when Alpert gave Locke the Dalai Lama test.  While I can’t think of anything that would be of any significance to the overall LOST mythology, it’ll still be interesting to see if we’re shown that third off-island trip, and anything else about Richard’s background.

6. Hurley’s / Jacob’s guitar case


Alright, here’s one I have no clue about whatsoever.  Actually, scratch that.  I have *almost* no clue about it.  What I do know is this: we’ve seen it enough, and Hurley has gone out of his way to keep it with him, that it will absolutely come into play in some fashion in Season 6.  Maybe he’ll see Charlie and get to give it to him.  Maybe there’s something in it that will help Jacob out.  But whatever it is, look out for it next year…I’m sure it’ll play an integral part in a scene somewhere.

5. Why didn’t Sun go back to 1977?


I raised this question as soon as it happened, and have to admit that I almost forgot about it myself.  Just in case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, let me give you a quick reminder: when Ajira Flight 316 came into the vicinity of the island, Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid were all flashed off the plane and sent back to 1977.  The question is, why not Sun?  She was part of the Oceanic 6, she was part of the group that were touched by Jacob…why did she stay in the present?  I’m not sure if this will ever get answered, or even if it does, if it will mean anything in the overall mythology.  But I’m definitely curious, and it’s something that I’ll be looking out for in Season 6.

4. Jacob’s touches and visits to the LOSTies pasts


OK, here’s where things start to bridge the gap between simple dangling threads and items that more deeply impact the overall mythology of LOST.  On top of that, I’m sure this isn’t something that has left your mind since the finale aired.  But at the same time, it’s a great specific question to ask, even if we don’t have the answer.

And while we don’t have the answer, I will tell you two things that I definitely think it’s *not*.  First, I don’t think it has anything to do with the LOSTies getting on Flight 815.  While Jacob did touch many of the LOSTies prior to the flight, he also touched both Sayid and Hurley *afterwards*.  So it’s not about targeting them for the flight.  Additionally, it’s not about them being targeted for return to 2007 from 1977.  Remember, Sun was also touched, and she’s already there.  I’m sure there’s something more to it, but I have no clue what it is.  If you have any guesses, please leave a comment below!

3. Gunfight on the canoes


Not sure if you all remember this, but earlier in Season 5, when Sawyer & gang were flashing through time, they found a campsite with an Ajira water bottle.  They needed transportation to the Orchid, so they took one of the canoes instead of trekking across the island directly.  They were then immediately followed by an unknown group, apparently in an attempt to get their canoe back.  However, knowing what we now know from the finale, there certainly may be more to it than that.  And remember, Sawyer was able to shoot one of them…

There’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll see this scene again, this time from the opposite perspective.  I can’t wait to see how it plays out with some more information about what went on…

2. Ben’s trip to the Temple / the Temple in general


Despite all of the answers we got throughout Season 5, the most we got about Ben as a youngster was that he was taken to the Temple by Richard.  And in fact, we still haven’t seen the actual Temple itself yet.  So, the question is, what *did* happen to Ben during that trip?  And what the heck goes on at that place anyway?  We’re pretty sure it’s tied to “The Sickness” somehow, but rest assured, when we do get to see the Temple, and what goes on in there, it will be a big reveal indeed.

1. What’s up with Claire?


So…have any of you actually forgotten about Aaron’s mom with all of the excitement from this season?  While I don’t think any of you would, I certainly couldn’t blame you if you did.  She’s flat out disappeared this past season, with only a couple of references regarding her whereabouts.

Remember, back in Season 4, Keamy from the freighter appeared to blow up the house she was living in at The Barracks…while she was in it.  Next thing we know, she’s abandoning little baby Aaron, on going off with apparition Christian to Jacob’s cabin (which may or may not actually have been inhabited by Jacob), and pretty much acting about as strange as could be.  Since then, she’s been gone, with no physical appearance at all in Season 5.

But two things that happened this season lead me to believe that we’re going to see her in some form in Season 6.  First, she’s the whole reason why Kate returned.  Kate’s story doesn’t reach its conclusion unless she finds Claire, and I expect that she will.  Also, Sun managed to discover Charlie’s DriveShaft ring in the finale, and that story also doesn’t come to its conclusion unless she’s able to pass it along to someone that matters…namely, Claire.

Finally, don’t forget that Desmond had a vision of the future that included Claire getting on a helicopter and leaving the island.  While the thought was that the helicopter he was referring to was the one Lapidus came to the island on, that certainly doesn’t have to have been the case.  There’s still a chance for his vision to come true, and I expect it will prior to the end of the series.

So that’s my list!  I’d love for you guys to comment on any part of it, or to come up with some other topic for me to write about next.  Either way, thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you all again soon!




One response

31 05 2009

Some comments on your dangling ponderables…

10. While I didn’t finish the episode pining for Widmore, I *was* half-expecting him to make an appearance at some point. Ben indicates that he can’t kill Widmore, but I don’t remember any mention of the other way around, or did I miss that bit?

9. I’ll take a crazy guess and say that it broke apart the first time the island was moved after its construction, and the rest of it is lying in ruins somewhere else on the planet. I’m not talking about the time *we* saw the island move, but I think we can assume that there have been one or more times in the past that it’s been moved.

8. I agree, I think there’s something significant about the relationship between Walt and Locke. They’ve had a connection all the way back to the beginning of the series. I’ll go on record suggesting that Walt is Locke’s “constant”.

7. I think the writers threw that in the story, like so many of the danglers, so they can have something to hook into an idea they get at some future point.

6. The guitar case might be just as simple and straightforward as Hurley himself : It represents Charlie, and there’s something of Charlie’s inside (probably a guitar) with instructions to do something with it on the island. I predict that when we find out, it won’t be a big bang shocker cliff-hanger, but rather a touching moment in his memory, perhaps putting some closure on his death–equally as satisfying.

5. I’m thinking that she stayed in the present in order to help Locke (the real Locke) fulfill his goal, whatever that may be.

4. Ben succeeds in killing Locke, so It doesn’t appear to be a kind of “death ward” either. Other than that, I’m stumped on this one also!

3. I can’t remember, and I don’t have the show recorded anymore (and it’s not on ABC.com yet) – were they actually being fire at? Maybe it was Ilana and crew just trying to get their attention?

2. Perhaps Ben was “touched by Jacob” in the temple, but that seems kind of obvious by now. Other than that, I don’t know.

1. Claire? What if she was seduced in some way by the “man in black” to go join his “army”? I have a feeling she’ll show up early in season 6.

*whew* — Well I’m looking forward to your next installment Pablo, and I’d love to see anyone else make some crazier guesses than I have!

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