Comic-Con, here we come!

24 07 2009

Hey everyone, Comic-Con is in full swing, and yours truly is getting pretty excited about making the trip to the convention center bright and early tomorrow morning to get in the line for the LOST panel.  I’ve heard stories about getting turned away if you’re not in line by 6:00 am, so I’m going to try to get in line around 3:00 am to make sure I get in.  I’ll be posting to the blog on Sunday with a full recap of my experiences(both of the LOST panel and the Con in general), hopefully with a ton of photos and maybe even a video or two.  And of course, most importantly, I’ll have the latest news from the panel, and my take on what any of it means.  If you haven’t already heard, Team Darlton will be there (showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse), as well as Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and Michael Emerson (Ben).  There will also be a special guest…whoever that may be.


I’ll also be tweeting from the Con, something I really haven’t done much of before.  But I had to sign up for Twitter to get the latest info on the Comic-Con tickets themselves, so it only seems reasonable to go full circle and use it to update everything I see at the Con as well.  I’ve added a Twitter Updates section to the front page of the blog, and it seems to update fairly regularly.  But if you want up-to-the-second updates on what I see at the LOST panel, subscribing to Twitter itself and following me is the way to go.  If you do that, my alias on the site is @hablodepablo.  I look forward to sharing everything I see with you!


By the way, it seems as though a LOST nugget has already been unearthed via the Con.  There’s a new ARG-type game for LOST that appears to have just been launched.  Typically, I’m not one to play along with these, but two things make me think a bit differently about this one.  First, it’s the last season of LOST.  This is the last chance we’re going to get for anything new related to the show, so I’m going in with reckless abandon.  Second, it actually looks like a bit more fun than what has come before it.  (That might just be me though.)  In any event, I’m going to give it a shot, and you can check it out too, by going here:


That’s about it for now…check back in a couple of days, or feel free to follow my tweets!




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