8 Days Until The Final Season Premiere: Are You Ready?

25 01 2010

Howdy everyone!

I know that it’s been ages since I’ve posted, but hey, why post for the sake of posting?  I thought about doing a few list posts leading up to the premiere, or writing about a few of my favorite theories, but it seemed like so much fluff and filler.  I’m much happier to post when I actually have something worth writing about.

And so here we are, just over a week away from the return of our favorite show.  For me, it’s genuinely difficult to not feel a good bit of bittersweet taste mixed in with the overall excitement of the show returning.  I have incredible faith in Team Darlton to deliver the goods and make this season of LOST everything we’ve been hoping for.  But the fact of the matter is that by the end of May, LOST as we know it will be gone forever.  TV simply has not ever been this good (IMHO), and I have my doubts as to whether it ever will be again.  So the question is, are you ready?  Are you ready for all of the old characters to return?  Are you ready for all of the answers you’re going to get?  And are you ready for LOST to leave the airwaves forever?  If not, here are a few things to get you in the right mindset.

First of all, Team Darlton says that they best way to prep for Season 6 is to re-watch Season 1.  And what better way to do that than to see it all in chronological order?  Oh yeah, you read that right.  Fellow LOST junkie and work colleague of mine Dave stumbled across an amazing project on the Lostpedia forums.  Someone with a ton of ambition is trying to do what I (and probably many of you) thought would be a fantastic thing to see: edit all of the scenes so that they’re in chronological order.  It’s called LOST Chronology, and you can check it out here.  They start on the day of the crash, which is somewhat disappointing (I would have started earlier), but it’s still quite amazing.  I’ve only seen the first 2 “episodes” so far, but it’s incredibly fascinating to watch.  I highly recommend it as a way to get caught up with the first season, or as a new way for you LOST addicts to get your fix.

Also, for any of you that might need a refresher but don’t want to sift through multiple episodes, there is a new version of the classic “LOST in 8:15” that captures everything up to Season 5.  You can view that below.

Finally, I wanted to share with you a funny tidbit from The Onion, spoofing us LOST fans and what it must be like for our non-LOST friends:


Alright, well that’s all for now.  I’d love to see your comments below regarding what you think of the above links, what you expect from LOST this season, or what you think you’re going to do when it’s all over!  I’ll be back next week with the first LOST Challenge of the final season!




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