LOST Recap: Season 6, Episode 1: “LA X”, Part 2

7 02 2010

While Part 1 of the episode hit you over the head with smoke monster action and a new alternate timeline, Part 2 seemed to settle back in to normal LOST storytelling mode, and perhaps gave us a couple of key foreshadowing scenes.  Let’s get right to the recap!

“I ain’t followin’ nobody Kate”

One of the more subtle things that you may have missed over the course of this episode is Sawyer and his gradual shift in attitude.  He starts off in the wake of the Jughead detonation severely pissed about the reset not happening.  He’s ready to kill Jack over the set of circumstances, especially with Juliet dying as a result of his plan.  But as the episode progresses, he begins to process everything, and his demeanor shifts to complete disdain for everyone and everything associated with the island.  His look and tone in his last scene of the episode is one of someone that is completely done with this place.  He’s had enough, and I’m sure that if he has the opportunity, he’ll do whatever he can to get off the island.

Jack and company traverse the tunnels

On their way to deliver Sayid to the Temple, the gang must go under the wall and through the area that Ben and fake Locke did last season.  The most interesting part of this trip for me was the return of the whispers.  We hadn’t heard them in awhile, so it’s good to know that this particular mystery won’t be dropped by the writers.  But the odd thing is that they were heard right before the Others jumped the team and dragged them to the Temple.  It’s almost as if we’re led to believe that the whispers are a forewarning that the Others are about to appear.  This aligns with some of the appearances we’ve seen, but not all.  I’m hoping there’s more going on here than we might think based upon this specific scene.

“You’ve got two minutes.”

Alright, so even a fantastic show like LOST can have a hiccup or two, and the scene between Kate and the Marshall was just that for me.  I didn’t really buy that he didn’t know that she wasn’t actually using the facilities, and I also had a hard time with her attack on him, and her ability to overpower him despite being handcuffed.  But it is what it is, and the explanation she gave to buy herself some time certainly worked for me.  What was more fun was Sawyer’s banter with the TSA agents in the elevator, especially when he allowed Kate to get a step ahead by feigning chivalry.

“That’s what she wanted to tell you: ‘It worked.'”

First off, let me say that I really enjoy the way they portray Miles’ ability to converse with the dead.  Everytime they use that plot device, it’s a chance for the show to turn a somber/suspenseful moment into a cheesy one.  But the way they edit the scenes and the sound, they manage to pull it off every time.  Of course, what’s most intriguing about the scene is trying to decipher what Juliet is trying to tell Sawyer by saying that it worked.  You’d have to think that it has to be related to the Jughead detonation, and that it achieved the desired result of a reset.  But how would she know that?  Or, more to the point, did her consciousness cross into an alternate timeline?  Perhaps the one we’ve been following throughout the premiere?  If you couple this scene with the one from the first hour where she was still alive, I think you’d have to believe that.  But it seems just a bit too obvious to me.  It’ll be interesting to see if it’s that straightforward, or if there’s more to it than what we know.

“Hey, excuse me!  I carried that case across the ocean and through time and like through time!  I wanna know what that paper says!”

It's an ankh!

The LOSTies get a little bit more than they bargained for when they reach the Temple, but thankfully, Hurley has his trump card ready to play.  And we finally find out what was in the guitar cased that Jacob gave to Hurley: an ankh that appears to have yet another list built into it.  It gets our gang through the test and into the Temple…but more than that, it paints an even larger picture for us regarding Jacob.  While it appears as though the Man in Black has jumped through all kinds of hoops and manipulations to get into Jacob’s abode and kill him, Jacob is no less meticulous in his strategy.  He envisioned this specific situation well before Hurley even agreed to get on Flight 316.  It’s clear that he’s enacting just as much forethought in all of his moves, and may even be ahead of the Man in Black in the grand scheme.


Jin and Sun, about to be detained by security

While Jin and Sun are clearly in a different situation than they were back on the island in Season 1, Jin is still no less of a jerk.  And, because of how radically different other scenes in the alternate timeline have been leading up to this point, we’re not 100% sure if Sun is telling the truth about whether she knows English, or if she’s lying about just how much she really understands.  It’ll be interesting to see if they can tie this situation into another, more meaningful part of the alternate thread.

“The water isn’t clear!  What happened?”

Interesting but straightforward sequence here as they submerge Sayid in an effort to revive him.  Although in the end it fails (at least as far as we know), it almost seems too simplistic to me.  Are the “risks” alluded to simply regarding whether or not Sayid will survive it?  I think there’s more than that, as you’d have to believe that this is the same process that Ben went through to get healed, and Richard was very clear that he’d never be the same afterwards.  What might be an even more interesting question is the possible answer to the question asked as they first entered the spring area.  The first thought is that the water isn’t clear because Jacob has been killed.  But is the answer that simple?  And what are the real implications if that’s the case?  Much to speculate on, but not a ton of answers at this point.

Kate escapes into a cab and finds…

Claire's about to go along for the ride with Kate

Claire!  Great to see her back finally, but somewhat disappointing to see her in the alternate timeline as opposed to the main timeline.  Maybe we’ll get to see her there as well eventually, but in the meantime, pairing her up with an on-the-run Kate certainly ups the ante in that thread.

Hurley spills the beans, and the Temple goes on alert

Interesting bit here, as the Others scramble to put out some fires, light others, and send a warning flare into the sky…presumably to tell the rest of the Others to high-tail it from whatever they’re doing back to the Temple, where they might be safe.  The Others even spread ash in certain areas, making it very clear that they know that it’s the Man in Black that’s on the loose, and he’s not one to be trifled with.

“‘I don’t understand.’  Isn’t that just the saddest thing you’ve ever heard?”

I gotta tell you, if I’m a Locke fan, at this point I’m severely pissed.  Not only have they killed my favorite character (twice, if you got convinced that Locke was Locke from last season only discover he never was revived), but now they’re twisting the knife in even deeper.  His body is being used by the guy who seems to be the main source of evil on the island, and that same evil is mocking and making light of Locke’s last thoughts.  It’s just such a disappointing turn from what had hoped for his character back in Season 1.  Not only has his chances for redemption been denied, but his whole desire for said redemption appear to be the cause of his undoing.  If only there were a glimmer of hope that fans could cling to regarding *some* sort of positive ending for Locke.

"I want to go home."

In any event, at the end of the scene, the Man in Black gives us an all-too-brief view into what the endgame of LOST is really going to be about: the Smoke Monster trying to go home.  Not sure about any of you, but 2 questions quickly came to mind after hearing that: 1. Where the heck is home?  It’s obviously not on the island.  Although it’s crazy to think about, could it be that the Smoke Monster is not indiginous to Earth, and wants to leave the planet?  (That might be too much, even for LOST.)  2. Why the heck can’t he leave now?  Why hasn’t he left already?  Someone or something is keeping him on the island, and killing Jacob seems to be only the first step to reverse this.  Obviously, there’s much, much more to learn about Smokie and his plans.

“If you ever wanna talk, I’m around”

Interesting comment from Hurley here, as he’s now thoroughly convinced that he can see spirits, and is ready to come into contact with Sayid’s.  But what’s even more interesting about the scene is Miles’ reaction to the comment.  He might just think Hurley’s crazy, but is it possible that Sayid was never dead?  More on that briefly.

“My condition is irreversible.”

Locke takes Jack's card, despite his condition being "irreversible"

Alright, so here’s where I admit that I was toying with you a bit earlier when I was talking about Locke.  All of the Locke fans must be bitter right now, but I’m convinced there’s going to be more to Locke (and I mean the real Locke) that what we’ve seen up to this point.  A couple of things to consider: Walt’s dream where he saw Locke in a suit on the beach with everyone trying to kill him, “Canton-Rainier” on the side of the van Locke’s body was being transported in (which unscrambled spells reincarnation), and two things in the last alternate reality from this episode alone.  First, Locke comforts Jack by saying that they didn’t lose Christian, they only lost his body.  Then, even more direct, but perhaps also more subtle, were two lines between Jack and Locke.  Locke: “My condition is irreversible.”  Jack: “Nothing is irreversible.”  If this conversation happened on the island instead of the alternate timeline, we all might be in a different frame of mind about Locke.  But don’t think for a minute that the writers didn’t very carefully select the words for those characters.  Don’t give up hope Locke fans, I’m convinced that there’s more to come.  

“Hello, Richard.  It’s good to see you out of those chains.”

Richard Alpert, only moments before discovering that the man he's facing is *not* John Locke...

While I’m sure many of you had guessed that Richard came to the island way back when on the Black Rock, this is the first bit of commentary that really seems to support that line of thought.  And of course, as soon as Richard comes to understand that the John Locke he sees in front of him is actually the Man in Black, he’s rendered unconscious, so he can’t reveal any further information.  But I bet we can all guess where Richard is being taken to…

Sayid comes back from the dead

Sayid's shocked to be back among the living

…or does he?  I think there are two major camps that formed at the end of this episode.  Those that think that Jacob is now going to use Sayid’s body as his new vessel, and those that  think that the drowning treatment worked, and that Sayid has been revived and healed from his bullet wound.  I think you can lump me in with the latter group, but I don’t think we’ll have too long to wait to find out the true answer.

Post-episode questions:

1. What the heck is this alternate timeline going to show us anyway?  And why should we want to see it?

2. Where the heck is the Smoke Monster from, and what does he need to do to go home?

3. What is John Locke’s ultimate fate?  Have we really seen the last of him?

4. What’s going on with Sayid?  Did he ever really die?

So that’s it for my LA X recap!  Thanks to all of you for coming by and reading…back again early next week with the Challenge of the week!




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7 02 2010

I think it’s Locke that may have been reincarnated into Sayid’s body. The camera pans over the dead Locke’s body on the beach and then it cuts to the Temple and pans over Sayid’s body shortly before he reawakens; the similar treatment by the camera seems like it could be a subtle hint of this. Plus it fits in with the reincarnation clues with Locke. All of the Man in Black’s talk of how pitiful Locke was feels like it needs to be answered, not just in the “sideways” timeline, but ON the island, in that world. It would be much more interesting dramatically than a “rebirth” of Jacob.

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