LOST Challenge of the Week: “What Kate Does”

8 02 2010

Hey everyone, can you believe it’s time for another episode tomorrow?  I’ve spent so much time re-watching and analyzing the first two hours of the season that it hardly seems like it’s already time for a new show.

So this week’s installment is called “What Kate Does”, and I’m immediately drawn to the alternate timeline.  Not sure why I think that title takes me there instead of on-island, but that’s what it does.  But since this is your challenge and not mine, I’ll let any of you that answer go wherever you want with it.  So here’s the challenge:

What is it that Kate does, where does she do it (main timeline or alternate timeline), and who does she do it with or to?

I bet you guys can have some real fun with that one.  Just remember that this is a family-safe blog!  And if you’re taking the time to post, feel free to give me your thoughts on what Smokie/MIB is up to, what’s happening with Sayid, and any over-arching alternate timeline theories you may have.  I’m looking forward to your responses!

See you in a couple of days with the recap!




One response

9 02 2010

Since the “time for questions is over” and we already know Kate’s backstory pretty thoroughly, my guess is that her alternate timeline fugitive story takes precedence. She’s on the run and will attempt to stay free. I believe the “alternate timeline” approach ends with converging with the island reality, so actions she takes tonight narrows that convergence.

I think she’s going to hurt someone in trying to get away in the alternate timeline… maybe it’s Marshall Mars. Maybe it’s Frogurt. Maybe it’s Sawyer. Maybe it’s herself- as she gives herself up. It the alternate timeline, she didn’t kill an abusive stepfather/boyfriend. I think she killed an innocent plumber or something like that.

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