LOST Challenge of the Week: “Dr. Linus”

8 03 2010

Hey everyone, I’m back again with your LOST challenge this week!  We’ve got a Ben-centric episode this time around, and the TV Guide synopsis says that Ben will have to deal with the consequences of a lie.  Well, that’s nothing new for Ben, but it does raise some interesting questions, and I’m going to use them for the challenge this week.  So here it is, in 3 parts:

1. What is it that Ben lies (or lied, past tense) about?

2. Does he commit the lie in the main timeline, or the alternate timeline?

3. What “consequences” does he have to deal with?
Now these questions are mostly for you guys to keep in mind as you watch the show Tuesday night, but please feel free to venture your guesses in the comments!  It’s always interesting to see what you guys have on your mind…

Either way, I’ll be back again in a couple of days with my recap.  See you then!




2 responses

9 03 2010

Not to stray too far off the main timeline, I think the lie that he has to deal with is the killing of Jacob.

9 03 2010

Great episode. Ben is apparently redeemed- which will probably make Smokey kill him and Widmore is back. There’s a Dharma Initiative in the alternate timeline. Ben cares for his father and does right by Alex. I think there will be a convergence of sorts based on what we learned tonight.

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