LOST Challenge of the Week: “The Package”

29 03 2010

Hey there everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the posts this past week as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them!  This past week was a great reminder to me of just why I started this blog.  I love sharing my insights with all of you, especially when we can get a bit of a discussion going.  In fact, I’m hoping to continue to go back to the flash-sideways post each week to try to have an ongoing dialogue on that as the season progresses.

Anyway, enough about last week, let’s look ahead to the second half of the season!  Next up is the episode entitled, “The Package”, which is Sun and Jin centric.  TV Guide gives us the following synopsis: “While Sun and Jin continue to search for each other, the Locke Monster faces his enemy.”  Here’s what I’m thinking: “The Package” is one of those titles that probably refers to two different things.  You can probably guess who each of them belong to, and as a result, what one of them specifically is.  But the other…probably not so much.  So here’s the challenge of the week:

What is the “package” in the title referring to?  Bonus points if there are two of them and you guess them both.

Best of luck with the challenge this week, and more importantly, I hope you all enjoy the episode!  I’ll be back  in a few days with the recap.




2 responses

30 03 2010

The Package…

Since the episode is Jin-Sun centric, I assume one version of the “package” is the one Jin is carrying through customs in the Flash Sideways. It’s probably a sinister errand he’s unquestioningly running for Sun’s father. In the FS, the two are not married and Sun is still speaking Korean only. But wait, Sayid finds Jin captured in a walk-in refrigerator in the FS. Jin is also potentially “the package” or a trading chip for one. I think in the FS, Jin somehow blows the transaction for his father-in-law or is captured and used as ransom for the package.

I’m not certain where the sequence of events lie in the FS timeline, but as far as I can see, these are the first two timeline jumps in the FS.

On the island, Jin is also a captive of sorts as his injured leg keeps him in the Locke camp though he wants to leave. Locke is promising to being Sun to Jin. Which one is the package for delivery? Are the collection of endangered candidates with Locke “the package”? Are the ones left with the Jacobites, assuming Jack and Hurley, are they the package? Maybe it’s something Widmore is delivering?

30 03 2010

I agree with DDay. I think the package is in the flash sideways when he has to go through customs. Can’t wait to see what it really is!

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