LOST Challenge of the Week: “Happily Ever After”

5 04 2010

Hey everyone, thanks for joining me again for another week of LOST fun!  I have to admit, it’s starting to creep up on me that we only have a scant few episodes of this show left.  I hate to dwell on the fact that there’s not much LOST left, as opposed to simply enjoying things week to week, but there just doesn’t seem to be much of anything out there that will fill the gap once LOST is gone.  Maybe that can be a secondary challenge for all of you out there: what will you watch to fill the void when LOST is gone?  For me, I think Fringe will be my best hope.  It doesn’t have the same attention to detail that LOST does, or the same high-caliber acting, but it does come pretty close.  And it does have some great over-arching mythology that you can ponder and make guesses on.  Somehow though, I don’t think they have the same long-term plan.  I guess only time will tell.

In any event, let’s get on to the challenge for the week!  TV Guide’s synopsis doesn’t offer much help, so let’s stick with the title.  I can’t imagine that things are going to be as straightforward as the title for our man Desmond.  So the question is, what fate is he to meet with?  Why the heck is he on the island?  In other words,

What great plan does Widmore have for Desmond, and how does it fit with the idea of a Happily Ever After?

Good luck with the challenge this week, and enjoy the episode!  There’s not much LOST left folks!




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