LOST Challenge of the Week: “Everybody Loves Hugo”

12 04 2010

Happy LOST week everyone!  Despite my mixed review for last week’s episode, I’m still as big a LOST fan as ever, and can’t wait for this week’s show.  In fact, I’m excited for the opportunity to get back into the swing of things and re-discover the LOST mojo that I seem to have misplaced last week.

As far as the challenge this week…well, they’re getting harder and harder to come up with as we get closer and closer to the end of the series.  TV Guide’s synopses are so vague that it’s nearly impossible to use them as any kind of teaser anymore.  But with Hurley, there’s always an angle.  For example, I could ask what Hurley might say to a certain special guest star that was responsible for a lot of Hurley’s personal pain on-island.  Or, I could ask whether or not he’ll meet a certain someone in the flash-sideways.  But instead, I’m going a different route:

What is Hurley’s relationship with the numbers in the sideways timeline, and what impact does that have on his luck?

Enjoy the episode this week!  Only 6 more until it’s all over!




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