LOST Challenge of the Week: “Across The Sea”

10 05 2010

Happy LOST week everyone!  Can you believe that this is the penultimate week of LOST?  Two weeks from now, the show will be in the rear view mirror.  I have to admit, there have only been a couple of TV shows that have impacted me as much as this one has, and that have created this much anticipation going into the finale.  Because of that, I thought I’d toss a secondary challenge/question of the week out there: What other shows have generated this much anticipation for you as the show came to its end?  Did you look forward to them more or less than LOST?  And were they as publicly accepted as LOST is?  I’ll share a few of mine with you guys if any of you decide to leave some of yours in the comments.

As for the episode itself, I think there’s just a bit more direction on what’s going to take place in “Across The Sea”, so it makes it easier to come up with the challenge.  If you hadn’t already heard, the episode is going to deal with the backstory of Jacob & MIB, and will supposedly expose Smokey’s motivation once and for all.  So, your challenge for the week, if you choose to accept it, is: How did Smokey get into this situation, and what are his true motives?

I’m really looking forward to this one, as I expect that it’s going to be a huge mythology download.  I worry that I might be getting my hopes up too high, but I’m expecting quite a few answers.  Either way, I’ll be back in a couple of days to give you my analysis.  Enjoy the show everyone!




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11 05 2010

The end is near. I can’t wait.

I’ll bite, Pablo. I want to know what you’re thinking…

I was thinking the other day of finales that generated this kind of interest for me. I think the final episodes of “MASH” and “Cheers” peaked my interest at the time. “Seinfeld”s finale was underwhelming too. As for action/dramas, the finales of “Magnum PI” and even “Hawaii Five-O” were good- even though I was young for Hawaii Five-O but I remember McGarrett finally got Wu Fat. I liked “the Sopranos” but the show was limping to the finish and the finale was disappointing. I have read that the finale to “The Fugitiive” was something to see too when Dr. Kimble caught the one armed man.

None of them ranks with “Lost”. At its best, “Lost” has always had the feel of a feature movie and I watch it like that. This story is so well written and has so much depth to it, that the other shows don’t really come close. I’ve become invested in “Lost” which is much more than any show I’ve ever seen. It has to end but I will miss it.

11 05 2010

Forgot one… the final episode of “Newhart” was a classic with him waking up to Emily from the original “Bob Newhart Show”.

12 05 2010

Hey DDay, thanks again for stopping by! Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of a big show that was coming to the end. In fact, there have really only been 2 shows prior to LOST that I’ve been as excited about from the show’s beginning to the show’s end. One other, Alias, started out spectacularly, but began to fizzle midway through Season 3, and then completely went off the deep end by the time it mercifully went off the air.

The only other 2 shows I cared even remotely as much about were Star Trek: The Next Generation, and a little-known show that lasted only a single season: Nowhere Man. There was certainly not as much hoopla over either of those shows (combined, even), as there is surrounding LOST. That made it difficult to share the experience with others (which is the main reason why I write this blog), but didn’t diminsh the enjoyment of the show at the time…at least for me. It makes me curious though, about fans of say, Twin Peaks, or The X-Files, and how they felt as their shows were about to set sail for the last time.

Your mentioning of MASH, Cheers, and Seinfeld all make sense, as they all captured a large part of the American viewing public. But LOST is such a different animal (as you mentioned), that it’s hard to compare to directly.

In any event, the thing that I’m most curious about, is whether or not the finale can live up to the promise of the seasons that came before it. ST:TNG didn’t really make that happen, despite a valiant effort. Perhaps that’s because they knew that they had feature films lined up. And Nowhere Man was cancelled, so the writers thought that they were writing a season finale, not a series finale. With LOST, the writers know it’s the end, and they have said multiple times that there will be no follow-on movie. That gives them the finale to give the audience that final, lasting impression to remember the show by. Unlike the shows before it, and despite the uneven storytelling of this season, my money’s on them being able to deliver the goods.

12 05 2010

I thought about ST:TNG’s finale. It was OK. That show was very good but it was SO politically correct within the ST canon that what it offered in structure and predictability, it gave up in drama. LOST is the complete opposite- a perpetual cliffhanger willing to take chances.

I am so invested in LOST that I can forgive some of the apparent weaknesses that are popping up as we close in on the end. Last night’s episode was fun to watch but missed in a few areas but that’s OK. (I was hoping for more insight on “the rules” governing the island but what we got was the boys’ “mother” basically telling them that they can’t kill each other and the pool of light is the power that needs to be protected- in between bashing skulls in. There’s STILL no real clear understanding of why people come to the island and what the “game” is between Jacob and MIB- other than the obvious good vs. evil play that is now clearly unfolding.)

One show I really liked back in the day was “Quantum Leap”. It had a nice run, a cult following of sorts. The finale was something I looked forward to- hoping that Beckett would get home- after leaping from time to time- righting wrongs along the way. The finale basically killed him off- saying he never made it home. It was an apparent attempt to set up “Quantum Leap- The Movie” which never happened. A disappointment.

The LOST guys have ruled this type of thing out. Period. I hope the next two weeks tie into the island history as we know it. One of the silly questions I STILL want an answer for is the damn Dharma food drop. What was that? I get it- it doesn’t really matter- but it has always bugged me as a loose end.

As for the end, it appears to me that Jack and Sawyer are setting up to assume Jacob and MIB’s roles. Jack has acknowledged he wants to stay. Sawyer wants off the rock like never before. I think that basically sets up the end of things- with Kate’s well being as the bait in the middle. I look for Jack to drink the wine and for Sawyer to die in the light, becoming Smokey. I suppose Desmond could be destined for that too- as he wants off the island as badly as Sawyer.

Then again, I am probably completely wrong. In any event, I am going to miss this show immensely.

12 05 2010

Oh yeah, Quantum Leap…forgot about that one. I never watched it (I’m surprised at how much TV I *haven’t* watched), but I heard that alot of folks were disappointed in the finale. In fact, I’ve heard so many stories about finales that have disappointed, that I’m curious to hear about one that actually connected and resonated with the audience. Can you think of one? I’m going to lose both 24 and LOST in the next 2 weeks, and although I don’t blog about 24, I’ve followed that one from the beginning as well. I’m hoping that they both go out memorably.

I’m going to refrain from getting too much into your other comments about “Across The Sea” because I’m going to touch on them in my post later today. But suffice it to say that I’m somewhat disappointed in the quality of the answers given in the episode, especially since I’ve read that the writers consider this the last mythological download episode of the season, and that we’re moving on to character-driven stories for the final 3 1/2 hours of the show.

One thing that I will touch on specifically though, is that the writers promised at Comic-Con last season that we’d be getting the food-drop answer. Don’t give up on that yet…I think the answer may still be forthcoming.

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