How interLOST came to be 

The short story of interLOST is this: my wife introduced me to LOST just prior to the start of Season 2, and we watched all of Season 1 within a week. (Why I didn’t watch from the beginning, I’ll never know.)Anyway, I took my LOST addiction into the workplace, where I suggested a lunch-time weekly viewing of the episode the day after it aired. Turnouts were large, and since I organized the meeting, everyone looked to me to try to explain what just happened on the screen.  Eventually, as my observations became more and more “cool” to the group, co-workers requested that I send them via e-mail, so they could forward them along and share my insights with their friends and family. Of course, the next step was to stop sending the e-mails out, and instead post my thoughts in a place where everyone could get to them.  So here we are on WordPress! 


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29 04 2009

How I became interested in “interLOST….”

I didn’t watch season 1 when it first aired. I began watching it in the off season prior to season 2… Yeah for re-runs!!!

I found the show different from the same old crap being spun out on television. Shortly before season two began a co-worker was talking about the show and I was drawn into the conversations. I was curious to find out that the show was deeper than face value and many people at work were talking about it!

Our fearless LOST leader, created the “LOST Lunch” and we would gather to view the show and talk about our thoughts on the characters and the story lines. The LOST Lunches were so much better than standing around the water cooler making small talk about last night episode. We were all looking for Easter Eggs and giving our opinions when we felt the show had jumped the shark! LOST was growing a pretty big fan base at our company and we all looked forward to lunch the day after a new episode would air…

Unfortunately, our company went the way of many businesses during tough economic times and many co-workers who enjoyed the LOST lunches had to find other employment. We were getting updates by emails but it just wasn’t the same… It wasn’t long before our fearless LOST leader wisely jumped on the Word Press band wagon to keep us all connected… so although we might not work all together anymore our love of this show has kept us bound together here on the World Wide Web talking about the show!

So, my thanks to our great leader and to all those co workers who have made watching this show way more exciting than sitting in my living room in front of a television!!!

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