LOST Challenge of the Week: “What They Died For” / “The End”

17 05 2010

Well folks, this is it…the final week of LOST is here!

Can you believe it?  After 6 years of watching the show, it all ends this Sunday at 11:30 pm.  As I write this entry, it’s really starting to hit me that it’s all coming to an end.  I’ve been so busy lately in both my personal and professional life that I haven’t had a chance to reflect much.  But as I write this with a scant 7 days to go until LOST is off the air forever, I realize that I’m about to lose a friend.  And really, that’s the biggest compliment I can give to a creative work of art.  I feel like I’m going to miss this show even before it leaves the air, and gives me a high sense of gratitude to showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, even if Season 6 has been somewhat uneven in my eyes.

In any event, there is much happening this week!  It almost feels like getting ready to ride that final wave into shore before calling it a day.  Kicking things off is Tuesday’s episode, “What They Died For”.  Following that up on Sunday is the aptly titled, “The End”.  Rather than try to come up with a challenge for either of these 2 episodes specifically, I’m just going to open it up to any thoughts or questions any of you would like to discuss about the show as we enter the final week.  Feel free to mention the question you hope gets answered in the finale, what you think the ultimate fate a specific character might be, who you think is going to be Jacob’s replacement, or what your feelings are on the show’s run overall.  It’s wide open!

Also, I typically try to shy away from the challenge comments, but this week, I’ll dive in as soon as any of you do.  I’d love to get a discussion going in this final week.

Tomorrow I’ll post on my interLOST blogging experience, and what’s next for the blog after LOST heads off into the sunset.  Late Wednesday night/early Thursday I’ll have my analysis of “What They Died For”.  On Friday, I’ll share with you what I saw in the “Times Talks Live” movie theater experience.  I’ll take a break on Saturday, but then I’ll be back on Sunday with an open discussion thread for the finale, and perhaps something special to share with you.  And of course, next week I’ll analyze the finale, and quite possibly, provide initial thoughts of the series as a whole and how the ending stacked up with the journey.

I hope you’ll stop by often this week, and enjoy LOST Finale Week!


LOST Challenge of the Week: “Across The Sea”

10 05 2010

Happy LOST week everyone!  Can you believe that this is the penultimate week of LOST?  Two weeks from now, the show will be in the rear view mirror.  I have to admit, there have only been a couple of TV shows that have impacted me as much as this one has, and that have created this much anticipation going into the finale.  Because of that, I thought I’d toss a secondary challenge/question of the week out there: What other shows have generated this much anticipation for you as the show came to its end?  Did you look forward to them more or less than LOST?  And were they as publicly accepted as LOST is?  I’ll share a few of mine with you guys if any of you decide to leave some of yours in the comments.

As for the episode itself, I think there’s just a bit more direction on what’s going to take place in “Across The Sea”, so it makes it easier to come up with the challenge.  If you hadn’t already heard, the episode is going to deal with the backstory of Jacob & MIB, and will supposedly expose Smokey’s motivation once and for all.  So, your challenge for the week, if you choose to accept it, is: How did Smokey get into this situation, and what are his true motives?

I’m really looking forward to this one, as I expect that it’s going to be a huge mythology download.  I worry that I might be getting my hopes up too high, but I’m expecting quite a few answers.  Either way, I’ll be back in a couple of days to give you my analysis.  Enjoy the show everyone!

LOST Challenge of the Week: “The Candidate”

3 05 2010

Hey there everyone, sorry for disappearing for ther last week, but the hiatus came at a good time for me, and I decided to go ahead and use it!  My batteries are now completely recharged, and I’m eager for what’s in store as we charge through the final 4 episodes of the show.

Before I get into the challenge this week, let me first touch on a couple of things.  First of all, I just want to thank each of you who come to this blog on a regular basis.  I’m going to write up a post getting into more detail about how this thing all started, what I learned from it, and what’s next after the show ends.  But really, I can’t thank all of you enough for continuing to make writing these entries worthwhile.  I just wanted to say that I appreciate all of you that stop by.

Next up is a cool article about LOST and the writers that I found on Wired magazine’s site.  Be warned, there are some minor spoilers there, so if you don’t want to know *anything* about the last 4 episodes, don’t go there.  But IMHO, it’s more about whetting your appetite than anything else, so I thought I’d share.  You can check it out here: http://www.wired.com/magazine/2010/04/ff_lost/all/1

By the way, if you’re looking to stay spoiler-free, be very, very careful on the web right now.  There are some huge spoilers floating around (which, mind you, may or may not actually be true) that could really wreck things for you if you’re not careful.  I got unintentionally spoiled for the Season 3 finale, and it was really frustrating.  Trust me folks, it’s not worth it.  You’ve waited 6 years for this finale, avoid the spoilers!

Finally, I wanted to share with you a silly little thing I spotted on ABC’s site last week.  It’s pretty funny, in a demented sort of way.  And it’s 100% spiler free.  You can check it out here: http://abc.go.com/watch/clip/lost/SH006723620000/165261/259429

Alright, on to the challenge for this week!  Again, these are getting tougher and tougher…to the point that I’m unsure if it even makes sense to continue to throw them out there.  But maybe this week will be more straightforward.  On the assumption that this week’s title refers to Jacob’s replacement, perhaps we’re going to find out that info this week.  After all, there are only 4 episodes left!  So here’s your challenge:

Who is the candidate?  And if it refers to Jacob’s replacement, what does the candidate need to do to become Jacob’s successor?

Good luck with that!  And more importantly, I hope you enjoy LOST’s return this week!  Can you believe that in 3 weeks it’ll all be over?  Enjoy it while you can!

LOST Challenge of the Week: “The Last Recruit”

19 04 2010

Hey there everyone, thanks again for stopping by!  It’s hard for me to believe that there are only 5 episodes left before LOST is gone forever.  It seems as though there is still so much to answer, and so many things to learn.  But I do feel as though we’re in great hands with the writers, and that we’re going to see some amazing things before it’s all said and done.

Up next is the episode “The Last Recruit”.  Unfortunately, I have no idea who will be at the heart of this episode, or what it’s going to be about.  In reality, I don’t have a great challenge question this week.  So if any of you dare to comment on the episode before it airs, please feel free to touch on any topic that strikes your fancy.  But just so that I don’t break the streak, here’s my suggestion for a question that all of you can try to answer:

Who is ‘The Last Recruit’, and what is the significance of their decision?

By the way, a little tidbit of info for those of you that haven’t yet heard: LOST is taking a one-week hiatus after this week’s show.  On April 27th, ABC will air a re-run of “Ab Aeterno” as opposed to a new episode.  On May 4th, new episodes will return with the airing of “The Candidate”.  Two additional new episodes will air on May 11th and May 18th, and the 2-hour series finale will air 5 days later on Sunday, May 23rd.

Enjoy the episode everyone!

LOST Challenge of the Week: “Everybody Loves Hugo”

12 04 2010

Happy LOST week everyone!  Despite my mixed review for last week’s episode, I’m still as big a LOST fan as ever, and can’t wait for this week’s show.  In fact, I’m excited for the opportunity to get back into the swing of things and re-discover the LOST mojo that I seem to have misplaced last week.

As far as the challenge this week…well, they’re getting harder and harder to come up with as we get closer and closer to the end of the series.  TV Guide’s synopses are so vague that it’s nearly impossible to use them as any kind of teaser anymore.  But with Hurley, there’s always an angle.  For example, I could ask what Hurley might say to a certain special guest star that was responsible for a lot of Hurley’s personal pain on-island.  Or, I could ask whether or not he’ll meet a certain someone in the flash-sideways.  But instead, I’m going a different route:

What is Hurley’s relationship with the numbers in the sideways timeline, and what impact does that have on his luck?

Enjoy the episode this week!  Only 6 more until it’s all over!

LOST Challenge of the Week: “Happily Ever After”

5 04 2010

Hey everyone, thanks for joining me again for another week of LOST fun!  I have to admit, it’s starting to creep up on me that we only have a scant few episodes of this show left.  I hate to dwell on the fact that there’s not much LOST left, as opposed to simply enjoying things week to week, but there just doesn’t seem to be much of anything out there that will fill the gap once LOST is gone.  Maybe that can be a secondary challenge for all of you out there: what will you watch to fill the void when LOST is gone?  For me, I think Fringe will be my best hope.  It doesn’t have the same attention to detail that LOST does, or the same high-caliber acting, but it does come pretty close.  And it does have some great over-arching mythology that you can ponder and make guesses on.  Somehow though, I don’t think they have the same long-term plan.  I guess only time will tell.

In any event, let’s get on to the challenge for the week!  TV Guide’s synopsis doesn’t offer much help, so let’s stick with the title.  I can’t imagine that things are going to be as straightforward as the title for our man Desmond.  So the question is, what fate is he to meet with?  Why the heck is he on the island?  In other words,

What great plan does Widmore have for Desmond, and how does it fit with the idea of a Happily Ever After?

Good luck with the challenge this week, and enjoy the episode!  There’s not much LOST left folks!

LOST Challenge of the Week: “The Package”

29 03 2010

Hey there everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the posts this past week as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them!  This past week was a great reminder to me of just why I started this blog.  I love sharing my insights with all of you, especially when we can get a bit of a discussion going.  In fact, I’m hoping to continue to go back to the flash-sideways post each week to try to have an ongoing dialogue on that as the season progresses.

Anyway, enough about last week, let’s look ahead to the second half of the season!  Next up is the episode entitled, “The Package”, which is Sun and Jin centric.  TV Guide gives us the following synopsis: “While Sun and Jin continue to search for each other, the Locke Monster faces his enemy.”  Here’s what I’m thinking: “The Package” is one of those titles that probably refers to two different things.  You can probably guess who each of them belong to, and as a result, what one of them specifically is.  But the other…probably not so much.  So here’s the challenge of the week:

What is the “package” in the title referring to?  Bonus points if there are two of them and you guess them both.

Best of luck with the challenge this week, and more importantly, I hope you all enjoy the episode!  I’ll be back  in a few days with the recap.